Lightyear: Cinemas reject complaint on Twitter about censorship of lesbian kiss

Lightyear is one of the most recent releases of Disney, the film has been successful at the box office due to the high expectations that fans of the Toy Story movies have placed. The latter is due to the fact that several generations of children have had the opportunity to follow the history of the Toy Story characters and how they are involved in various adventures.

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However, the most recent release of Disney in theaters has been surrounded by controversy in several countries, since Lightyear It is a film designed for children, but it contains a lesbian scene. The latter has been criticized, since there are people who point out that this type of scene would cause minors to replicate the facts. Consequently, some Middle Eastern countries have considered censoring the scene.

On the other hand, there are people who argue that the inclusion of images of this type in children’s content should be well seen. Since in this way the little ones will understand that a homosexual relationship is normal and those who are part of one should not be discriminated against.

Cinemas in Mexico have been part of the controversy, since several users on Twitter have denounced that Cinepolis and Cinemex they censored the scene lesbian kiss in Lightyear. However, Cinépolis responded to the accusations on the same platform and argued that:

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