Lightyear: This is what the new Pixar film would look like as a PS1 game

Although toy astronaut Buzz Lightyear in the new Pixar film has only been whizzing through the cinemas for a few days, there has already been one or the other controversy about the animation strip. The film may not be shown in 14 countries because of a kiss between two women that was classified as “gay propaganda” by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, among others.

A decision that would probably have been made regardless of the medium and would have made a video game implementation by Lightyear. There have been a few PC and console games from the Toy Story universe in the past, but one PlayStation 1 demake a state-of-the-art Pixar Films we were not allowed to admire – until now!

Lightyear on PlayStation 1: Into the Past and Beyond!

Because the 3D artist hoolopee closed the trailer Lightyear translated one-to-one into the era of Sony’s first console, creating a gritty PlayStation 1 implementation. In a direct comparison, he shows on YouTube how different the film and PS1 versions would look and how far today’s technology differs from back then.

Instead of smooth edges, the PlayStation 1 version naturally coarse flickering lines, muddy textures and blurred colors. The many sensitive lighting effects are rather bright blue stripes whose pixels you can count on two hands. Nevertheless, the nostalgic implementation has a certain charm that can be transferred to the entire Demake phenomenon.

the PS1 version by Lightyear is not the first, by the way demakewhich Hoolopee put a lot of work into producing. On his YouTube channel you will find many more videos of this type, primarily about video games and including current blockbusters such as Elden Ring or Resident Evil Village. Lightyear was his first film demake, but the positive feedback may motivate the artist to do more of this kind.

Source: Hoolopee on YouTube

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