Lignite mining area Garzweiler 2: According to the police, Lützerath will no longer be cleared this year

This year, the evacuation of the occupied village of Lützerath is no longer organizationally feasible, said the Aachen police chief on Monday.

According to the responsible police, the location of Lützerath at the Garzweiler opencast lignite mine, which was occupied by climate activists, can no longer be evacuated this year.

“In view of the required preparation time of several weeks, the time window for a responsible and technically well-prepared operation in the current year 2022 is already closed,” Aachen police chief Dirk Weinspach told the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

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In the houses of Lützerath, whose former residents have moved away, there are activists who want to “fight” for the place. At the beginning of October, the green-led economics ministries in the federal government and North Rhine-Westphalia agreed with the energy company RWE to phase out coal in the Rhenish Revier by 2030. Five largely abandoned villages at the open-pit mine remain, but Lützerath is to be dredged for coal extraction. (dpa)

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