Ligue 1: is French arbitration really? the street ?

Since the start of the season, the controversies have followed in Ligue 1 over several highly questionable arbitration decisions. Within the 5 major European championships, the French league is well above the average in two categories: penalties awarded and red cards distributed.

French referees make a lot of noise…

It is now a habit in this 2022-2023 season: each day in Ligue 1 is tainted by one or more contentious arbitration decisions. And force, the level of the referees of the championship of France logically causes debates.

Again last weekend, we can mention the very early expulsion of Niois defender Jean-Clair Todibo after 9 seconds of play or the red card directly given to Reims full-back Bradley Locko, who simply deserved a warning for an uncleared clearance. matris…

Revealing figures…

After this beginning of the exercise, a question arises: does the L1 really impose itself as the very bad student, at the level of arbitration, among the 5 major European championships? And unsurprisingly, the answer is yes! And the figures are overwhelming… And yet, there are not really more fouls whistled in Ligue 1 (24.65 per match) compared to La Liga (26.87), Serie A (24.51), La Bundesliga (24.17). Only the Premier League (20.12) has a drastically lower average.

The data is also similar compared to the yellow cards sent. The real problem? The impact of French referees, through important decisions, on the results. In L1, since the start of this season, there have been 0.43 expulsions and 0.40 penalties per game! This is a record in Europe! And the other major European championships are very far from such figures with, in order: La Liga (0.35 expulsion and 0.28 penalties), Serie A (0.21 and 0.24), the Bundesliga (0, 19 and 0.29) and finally the Premier League (0.06 and 0.21).

Necessary changes?

Statistically speaking, refereeing in L1 therefore deserves its ugly duckling status. And if errors have also been deplored in the other championships, they seem much less recurrent. To the point where RMC radio consultant Jrme Rothen called for a real overhaul of the system with the departure of the leaders concerned. Today, there is the technical direction of the refereeing, directed by Mr. Garibian, and the French committee of the referees, directed by Mr. Borghini. They are overseen by Nol Le Grat. We always come back the same thingblew the former Parisian.

Mr. Borghini is close, very close to Nol Le Grat, so in fact it’s very political, all that. We are in a bubble but in a bubble, you do not progress. They all have their hands tied. After a while you have to blow everything up if you want the refereeing to progress. After a while, stop your nonsense. Get out everyone, we’re fed up. Nol Le Grat first. When Nol Le Grat leaves, all of them will clear and we will put back in the midst of fans who love football, finished Rothen. To allow a better show, French arbitration must at least question itself.

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