Lil Nas X offers pizza to a group protesting against his concert: "It’s a great promotion!"

Targeted once again by American conservatives, the rapper preferred to respond with sarcasm.

The American singer Lil Nas X, always quick to respond with humor to his detractors, lived up to his reputation. While in Boston on Sunday for a concert as part of his world tour, he decided to offer pizza to a religious group protesting outside his concert.

After exploding on the rap scene in 2019, Lil Nas X quickly became the terror of American conservatives: openly homosexual, willingly provocative, the interpreter of Old Town Road regularly attracts the wrath of traditionalists. So it’s no surprise that on Sunday night, fans queuing at MGM Music Hall to attend his show spotted a small group holding signs praising “Jesus” and “God” and encouraging repentance.

Several videos were posted on Twitter, and Lil Nas X shared one on his official account: “I just told my team to bring them pizzas, it’s really a great promo!” he quipped.

Unexpected love at first sight

Hours later, the artist posted a video of his team delivering the pizzas to protesters, who refused them. And continued in sarcasm: “I accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protesters”, he wrote in the caption of these images which end with a close-up in slow motion of the young man in question, on the music of Sufjan stevens Mystery of Love.

Lil Nas X added to it the next day: “I can’t stop thinking about the homophobic hunk protesting my concert last night,” he posted on Twitter. “I’m just certain we had a connection. I miss him so much. I’m nothing without him.”

If it is with humor that Lil Nas X has chosen to react on Sunday, he sometimes adopts a more serious tone to respond to his detractors. With phenomenal success (three hits ranked number 1 in the United States, the historic record for the most consecutive weeks at the top of the chart, the approval of the greatest and a duet with Elton John), the singer imposes itself as an invested defender of sexual minorities.

When he unleashed the fury of American conservatives with Monteroa clip in which he came down from the Garden of Eden to dance lasciviously on the thighs of the devil, the rapper had sent them an unequivocal message:

“I spent my entire adolescence hating myself because of the bullshit you preach (…) So I hope you are angry, that you will remain so and that you feel the same anger that you are teaching us to feel towards ourselves.”

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