Lindner defends military spending after loud heckling

Finance Minister Lindner defended the armaments policy of the traffic light coalition against loud protests in Düsseldorf. He accused the disturbers in the audience of trampling on the freedom of Ukraine.

FDP federal party leader Christian Lindner defended Germany’s military and financial support for Ukraine amid loud protests in Düsseldorf.

A few dozen troublemakers who called out “warmongers” and “liars” to the finance minister on Saturday Lindner on Saturday: “If you think you can upset me, you were wrong.” At the official election campaign finale of his party, however, he had to raise his voice badly.


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The special situation after the Russian war of aggression brought about a turning point and required new debts in Germany, emphasized Lindner. The 100 billion euro special fund is needed “to stop the Bundeswehr’s 16 years of neglect.”

“No militarization of German foreign policy”

“You have to be able to fight so that you don’t have to fight,” is the motto, the finance minister cried out one day before the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. “This does not mean a militarization of German foreign policy.” Germany is on the side of Ukraine, which also defends European values ​​of freedom.

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