LinkedIn closes platform in China

Microsoft is closing the Chinese version of the LinkedIn career network after increased pressure from the authorities. The platform referred on Thursday, among other things, to higher regulatory requirements. Focused on job search and professional exchange, the service was the only social network from the US that was active in the Chinese market.

Recently, LinkedIn came under fire after the platform blocked the profiles of several US journalists in China, citing illegal content there. The case drew attention to the tradeoffs the service must make in order to remain in the market in China.

Instead of the Chinese version of the career network, there will in future be an app in China exclusively for job and personnel searches. A way to share posts and articles it will no longer exist there.

Online platforms in China are obliged to make data from Chinese users available to the authorities upon request and to remove content that is prohibited in the country, such as references to the massacre on Tiananmen Square. According to US media reports, the authorities have asked LinkedIn to enforce the rules more strictly in recent months.


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