Lions’ den: Ralf Dümmel’s new product sold out after a few minutes

“Don’t care” goes through the roof in teleshopping too (photo montage)

© RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer & screenshot QVC at Facebool

Founder Marco Peters convinces not only investor Ralf Dümmel in the lion’s den with “it doesn’t matter”. In teleshopping, his currywurst in the glass is sold out after a short time.

Cologne – This pitch is probably one of the highlights of the current season of the Lions’ den. Founder Marco Peters (48) presents his currywurst in a glass with “eat it doesn’t matter”. For an investment of 49,000 euros, he is ready to surrender 49 percent of his company shares. from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

Lion Ralf Dümmel (54) also finds an unbelievable offer and grabs the currywurst deal. A decision that the stout juror (click here for the overview of the lions) is unlikely to regret it, because the sausage is going through the roof. At QVC, the snack in the glass is sold out after a short time.

Marco Peters presents his currywurst in a glass in the lion’s den

© RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

DHDL: For founder Marco Peters it’s about the sausage

It was a very emotional performance by the Peters founding family in the lion’s den (these are the current broadcast dates). For years the family was successful with their food truck. But then the pandemic came and almost all income was lost. The Duisburg’s existence was threatened. It was about the proverbial sausage. And that gave the trained painter Marco Peters the saving idea: instead of being put on the grill in the food truck, the currywurst comes into the glass and then off to the store.

The beginning of a success story, in whose future a lion is now to help shape. The lions at the pitch are totally enthusiastic about the taste of the Duisburg currywurst in the glass, and the veggie variant is also convincing. In the end, however, it is stupid. “Your story moves me,” Ralf Dümmel explains to the visibly relieved founder Marco.

“Don’t care” sells out quickly after the DHDL pitch

The currywurst in a glass is also very popular with TV viewers. Of course, Ralf Dümmel (who is with this beautiful presenter) also placed the product in teleshopping. At the sales channel QVC, the viewers then seem to know no stopping, they all want to try the Duisburg sausage in a glass. And so “don’t care” is sold out after a short time, as the broadcaster admits when asked by a fan on Facebook. The currywurst was “extremely popular in the first few minutes” and sold out quickly. What a success story!

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