LIVE – After hesitating, Eric Zemmour will be a candidate for the legislative elections in the Var

Lionel Jospin will continue to support Lamia El Aaraje in Paris for the legislative elections

“Lamia El Aaraje is the one who supports the agreement and who is the most legitimate,” the former prime minister said.

On our antenna, Jospin explained that for these networks, he will continue to support her in the 15th district of Paris if the Nupes maintains the candidacy of Danielle Simonnet.

“A hope has risen among left-wing voters”, Jospin is not one of those who oppose the Nupes

“I am not one of those who oppose this agreement (…) The Socialist Party came out of this election in a catastrophic state”, declared Lionel Jospin on our antenna, recognizing however a leonine agreement which makes the share beautiful at LFI all the way.

“I approved of this approach by the forces of the left, because of my heritage and because hope was raised among left-wing voters (…) The socialists had no other solution than to discuss being given their position,” he added.

“The union of the left is my story, it’s my culture,” said the former socialist Prime Minister.

Lionel Jospin asks Emmanuel Macron to “clarify” his position vis-à-vis Putin

On Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia: “I am not convinced that we should go into a logic of humiliation”, declared Lionel Jospin on BFMTV this Thursday.

“I hope that at some point the president will clarify the position that will be ours,” added the former socialist prime minister on our antenna.

The former politician warns that in this respect it is necessary to distinguish between the Russians and their head of state;

“Censors giving lessons” Nathalie Élimas charges the majority after announcing the maintenance of her candidacy

“The Parisian authorities have not granted me their investiture on the basis of gossip and unfounded accusations. I will know how to do without it,” said in a press release the former Secretary of State, Nathalie Elimas.

Targeted by an investigation for moral harassment, she attacks the “censors lesson givers who preside over the investiture commissions”

Dismissed by the presidential majority in Val-d’Ois, she had announced a few hours earlier that she was maintaining her candidacy. “I’m going to campaign”, she confirmed to Figaro.

Candidacy of Zemmour: “I will not change anything”, reacted the candidate of Nupes

Éric Zemmour does not scare him. “I will not change anything in the campaign that was planned”, explains on BFMTV, Sabine Cristofani, candidate for Nupes in the 4th district of Var, where the former polemicist also presents himself.

“I am fighting for a program, that of Nupes, and I would have fought the same way if he had not been there”, she insisted, explaining that the challenge of this constituency is to “put the minimum wage at 1400 euros [pour] that everyone has enough money to live on”.

“He has nothing more to do in politics” declares Boris Faure, attacked by ex-LREM M’jid El Guerrab

“There is a first feeling of relief and recognition of what I have suffered”, reacted Boris Faure this Thursday at the microphone of franceinfo.

The socialist deputy spoke after the court decision which condemned his attacker M’jid El Guerrab to one year in prison and two years of ineligibility.

“Who could imagine that this deputy who left me almost for dead five years ago is still in the running for the legislative elections? He should have been disconnected a long time ago. It is only time to do it”, has he commented while for now “Together!” did not invest a candidate against him in the 9th constituency of the French established outside France.

In August 2017, M’jid El Guerrab had violently beaten with a helmet the former socialist leader, author since of the book “Helmet Blows – Essay on Violence in Politics”

“We are talking about an attack that plunged me into a coma, which meant that for 48 hours I was between life and death (…) I had been off work for two months, it is considerable”, he recalled on franceinfo.

“Notoriety does not make the election”: how the RN considers the candidacy of Zemmour in the Var

Marine Le Pen’s party does not show any particular concern about the candidacy of the boss of Reconquest in the legislative elections. But the news is not good for the National Rally, which is counting on a failure of its former competitor.

“We are not afraid of competition”, assures this party executive to BFMTV. “Notoriety does not make the election.”

Find our article here.

The presidency of the Republicans “interests” Julien Aubert

Who to succeed Christian Jacob at the head of the Republicans? While the current party boss will not extend the adventure, the first candidates arrive at the gate. Latest: Julien Aubert, LR deputy in Vaucluse and candidate to run for a new term.

“Yes, the presidency of the Republicans interests me”, he declares this Thursday in Le Figaro. The 43-year-old elected official calls for a new era, believing that for his “generation, there is a burning obligation to take part in the reconstruction on the right”.

“We can no longer continue to do politics as under Jacques Chirac or Nicolas Sarkozy,” he adds.

Legislative: Éric Zemmour will be a candidate in the Var

After the doubts, decision. Despite his disappointing score in the presidential election and the lack of agreement with the National Rally, Éric Zemmour decided to run to become a deputy.

“I am running in the 4th district of Var”, tweeted the former presidential candidate this Thursday morning.

In this territory which includes Saint-Tropez in particular, the boss of Reconquest won 14% of the votes, double his national score.

We explain his decision here.

“He shares Macron’s conception of pensions”: Jacobelli justifies the RN’s refusal of an alliance with Zemmour

Laurent Jacobelli has, once again, closed the door to any alliance with Reconquest, to the chagrin of Eric Zemmour.

“He shares Emmanuel Macron’s conception of retirement at 65. We are against it, we will fight step by step (…) And then someone who explains to us on the evening of the second round that Marine Le Pen has all the faults of the earth, (…) do you really believe that we can make an alliance with him?”, judged the spokesperson for the RN this morning on Sud radio.

Legislative: “Are we leaving the opposition to the extremes alone?” Asks Larcher

Regarding the legislative elections, the President of the Senate calls on the Republicans to form an “opposition that is both clear and positive”.

To better justify the singular place of his party in the political landscape, even though the Senate voted 70% of the texts proposed by the government during the last five years, he pointed the finger at the other opponents of the majority.

“Do we leave the opposition to the only extremes? Do we imagine the opposition embodied only by insubordinate France or the National Rally?”, He wondered on Franceinfo.

Gérard Larcher calls for a “floor to ceiling” reconstruction of the Republicans

Gérard Larcher had remained silent since the historic defeat of his party in the presidential election. He comes out of the woods this Thursday, recognizing at the microphone of Franceinfo, a “failure that goes beyond the presidential election”.

The president of the Republicans of the Senate believes that it is now a question of reconnecting “with this part of the French who work, have a daily life”.

“It is a responsibility that we have in rebuilding our political family from floor to ceiling,” he added.

“I will continue to act for my country”: Oliver Véran opens the door to his continued government

A few days before the reshuffle, Olivier Véran hints that he could be back at the head of a morocco.

“If other missions are entrusted to me, parliamentary or ministerial, I will continue to act for my country”, advanced the Minister of Health.

He is one of 18 members of the government to stand for the legislative elections.

Legislative: 49% of French people want a left-wing Prime Minister, according to a poll

While Emmanuel Macron continues to make the suspense last over the name of his future Prime Minister more than three weeks after the second round of the presidential election, it is an opinion poll that will be read with great attention at the Élysée.

49% of respondents in a IFOP survey for the Sunday newspaper want the next prime minister to be on the left. Enough to give a smile to Jean-Luc Mélenchon who called on the French to “elect him Prime Minister” on April 19 on BFMTV.

We summarize here the main findings of this survey.

“Women’s voices must be heard”: Mélenchon reacts to accusations against ex-LFI candidate Bouhafs

The boss of LFI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, reacted this Wednesday evening to accusations against the ousted legislative candidate, Taha Bouhafs, who is the subject of an internal complaint within the party for sexual violence.

“The voice of women must be heard seriously”, tweeted in particular the one who hopes to become Prime Minister next June. While specifying that he was counting “on the ad hoc commission of LFI to establish the truth”.

If you have not followed anything in this case, we explain everything in this article.

Reshuffle: towards a resignation of the government at the beginning of next week

Jean Castex should end the week at the head of the government. The current Prime Minister has not yet resigned from his government, pending the appointment of his successor by Emmanuel Macron.

According to government sources at BFMTV this Wednesday evening, Jean Castex should remain in his post at least until Monday. The Matignon tenant is indeed expected this Sunday at the Vatican.

Legislative: the union of the left is ahead of the presidential majority in the 1st round, according to a poll

One month before the first round of the legislative elections, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union could well come out on top on the evening of June 12.

According to a survey Ifop-Fiducial for LCI published this Wednesday, if the first round took place this Sunday, the alliance of rebels, communists, socialists and ecologists would obtain 28% of the vote.

The presidential majority, which brings together La République en Marche (which recently changed its name and renamed itself Renaissance), Horizons, Agir and the MoDem, would collect 27% of the vote.

We summarize here the lessons of this survey.

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