Live: Boselli, with a header, marks the discount for Students who lose 2 to 1 with Defense

In the second half plays. Students do not have a good time and lose 2 to 1 against Defense and Justice in their UNO stadium. The scoreboard opened from a poor delivery with the hands of Andújar, where the Halcón elaborated quickly on the edge of the area and Adonis Frías took a lethal low right that ended with the ball entering very close to the base of the right post.

The party has Fernando Echenique in charge of dispensing justice and can be seen live through the Public TV and also signal cable ESPN Premium. It can also be followed live on the classic FM La Redonda Supertransmi on 100.3 of the dial, just like it was more than 25 years ago.

Trying to make amends for a mistake already made. Zielinski started the second half making the Leandro Díaz variant for the Uruguayan Mauro Méndez. The Russian’s original decision made his team lose precious time and, for this and other reasons, the outlook for Pincha was always very complex.

Ten minutes into the complement, Halcón attacked with the practicality that Estudiantes lacked so much, and Andrés Ríos made his mark by increasing the difference to two goals in favor of Florencio Varela’s men.

The discount could have come through a very strong header from Noguera that Unsain deflected, but he only arrived at 15 minutes with a good header from Mauro Boselli.

In the round trip of the second chapter, Estudiantes took defensive risks that the rival did not know how to take advantage of.

Even remaining with ten men due to the expulsion of Andrés Ríos, the visitor continued to show arguments that deprived Pincha of a tie.

Rollheiser by Leonardo Godoy was Zielinski’s bet in a brave moment, where the hurry played against the owner of the house.

Pushed by their fans, the Russian Zielinski team took the initiative of the game and had the first arrival of danger. Intense in the attack, a volley came from “Corcho” Jorge Rodríguez that the Defense goalkeeper, Ezequiel Usaian, caught without problems.

A disregard in the background at seven minutes generated a clear scoring situation for the Halcón. Tomás Galván arrived with a dominated ball in Mariano Andújar’s area, and in a one-on-one, he missed the goal before the goalkeeper’s bailout and the ball was lost on the bottom line.

After a fast start, where Estudiantes went over Florencio Varela’s team and an interesting response from Sebastián Beccacece’s former team, the process calmed down a lot and became more even until the first quarter of an hour was completed.

El Halcón, which was once again directed by Nico Diez until Julio Vaccari made his debut, maintained the general features of the successful cycle that has just ended. The León del Ruso, meanwhile, tried at all times to go for a direct attack, pressing hard down the wings with Manuel Castro and Franco Zapiola.

The appearance of Tomás Galván in the host’s only dangerous attack, which ended with a deflected shot, was the warning that forced Pincha to pay attention in the background with the Noguera-Morel duo. Beyond some inaccuracies, the procedure was always entertained by the offensive vocation of both, each with the style that characterizes it.

The match had a significant break in the 22nd minute, when a bad serve by Mariano Andújar led to a shot by Adonis Frías, from outside the area, which, at ground level, embedded itself very close to the base of the right post.

The 1 to 0 of Defense and Justice was a blow for Students. The owner of the house had a hard time rearming himself emotionally and was observed unconnected for several minutes.

Students entered the final quarter hour lamenting only a shot by Castro, from a fairly closed angle, which Unsain cleared with his forearms.

As anxious as he was in a hurry, Pincha did not find the best ways to build dangerous attacks. Zapìola lacked weight in creative actions and that influenced the collective performance.

Photo // Dolores Ripoll THE DAY

With the need to return to victory and take advantage of the moment of a rival that has been one of the most irregular in the competition, Estudiantes will seek to assert their local status, one of the main arguments of Zielinski’s men to return to victory.

For now, Pincha has managed to make Jorge Luis Hirschi a true strength in the current First Division tournament. And it is that beyond the defeat against Newell’s by 2 to 0 last June, the Russian have not fallen in ONE in the remaining nine games, in which they have also obtained six wins and just three draws. In fact, the León is one of the best First Division venues, obtaining 21 of the 27 points it holds there.

Given this, and taking into account that River, a direct rival thinking about the Libertadores, added three to three yesterday against San Lorenzo in the New Gasometer, León needs a victory to not lose ground.

Students have eight games left to play, and each and every one awards very important points for the goal set: the 2023 Cup.


Students: Mariano Andujar; Godoy, Morel, Noguera, Mas; Castro, Corcho, Zuqui, Zapiola; Mendez and Mauro Bosellii. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Defense and Justice: Ezequiel Unsain; Nicolás Tripicchio, Adonis Frías, Nazareno Colombo and Alexis Soto; Kevin Gutierrez; Gabriel Alanís, Manuel Duarte, Tomás Galván and Gastón Togni; Andres Rios. DT: Nicholas Diez.

Referee: Fernando Echenique.

VAR: Ariel Penell.

Stadium: students from La Plata.

Start time: 21.30.

TV: ESPN Premium and Public TV.

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