Live broadcast from the eagles on Stora Karlsö

– Thanks to the camera, both we researchers and the public will be able to follow the eagles in the coming weeks. Those who watch are welcome to report interesting observations, says Jonas Hentati-Sundberg who is a researcher at SLU and project manager for the bird research project Baltic Seabird on Stora Karlsö, in a press release.

It is the Karlsö Hunting and Animal Welfare Association which, in consultation with the County Administrative Board on Gotland, has decided to openly account for the breeding as many tourists still visit the island and thus risk disturbing the eagles.

33 eagles simultaneously on the island

Sea eagles have made temporary visits to Stora Karlsö for many years. In 2018, a couple started building nests on the southern parts of the island. In 2020, when the tourist activity was paused due to the pandemic, 33 eagles were seen on the island at the same time.

In total, there are two webcams set up, one follows a sea eagle nest, with a young that hatched earlier this spring. The second camera is set up in a rauk area with many nesting herring guillemots, gray squirrels and herring squirrels, which can be the eagles’ main hunting ground.

The webcams’ broadcasts can be followed at

Stora Karlsö is perhaps best known for its herring guillemots. And they can get really old. You can see more about that in the clip below

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Listen to the video about why herring guinea pigs are getting old and about the world’s oldest bird – a living 70-year-old albatross. Photo: Trond Berg / NRK

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