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LIVE Coppa Italia Primavera, Turin-Genoa: formations and pre-match

Turin-Genoa, live coverage of the Coppa Italia Primavera 2022/2023 match: official line-ups, pre-match, result and scoresheet

Like the first team, the Primavera side of Turin also qualified for the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup where they face Genoa today. The match is played at the Silvio Piola in Vercelli, which from this season is the stadium for the home games of the formation coached by Giuseppe Scurto. The match is knockout, the winner goes to the semifinals where they will meet the winner of Fiorentina-Atalanta. The kick-off of the match is at 16, follow Torino-Genoa live with us on

Coppa Italia Primavera, Turin-Genoa: the pre-match


For Giuseppe Scurto the Italian Cup is a primary objective and, for this reason, he has chosen to field the starting lineup. No turnover and no space on the second lines: the starters play against Genoa starting with the goalkeeper Passador up to Dell’Aquila, Ansah and Jurgens in attack. There is also the full-back Dembelè, who in recent weeks has always been attached to the First team, often going on the bench, also due to the many injuries that have affected Juric’s team.

Coppa Italia Primavera, Turin-Genoa: the official formations

Turin: Passador, Anton, Dell’Aquila, Ansah, Jurgens, Dellavalle, Dembele, Ruiz, Weidmann, Ruszel, Opoku. Available: Brezzo, Servalli, Gaj, Wade, Rector, D’Agostino, Caccavo, Corona, Ciammaglichella, Silva, Dalla Vecchia, Savva, Bura, Njie, Capac. Trainer: Short.

Genoa: Sattanino, Orlandi, Lattuchella, Palella, Calvani, Pittino, Ambrosini, Drawings, Debenedetti, Lipani, Mosole. Available: Calvani, Bogunovic, Sarpa, Scaravilli, Scartoni, Arboscello, Lurani, Toniato, Papadopoulos, Accornero, Bifini, Casagrande, Fini. Trainer: Augustine.

Coppa Italia Primavera, Turin-Genoa: where to watch it on TV and in streaming

There is no live TV of Turin-Genoa and not even any live streaming. Follow Turin-Genoa live on

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