LIVE | Dale Albo AM: Heading to the final of the Chile Cup

Colo Colo won an important victory against Unión Española that left him one step away from obtaining his first goal of the year. Win the Chile Cup. Tournament that delivers Chile’s 4 quota for the 2021 Copa Libertadores.

The Albos won 3-2 with scores from Pablo Solari, twice, and Marcos Bolados. Closing a 7-2 aggregate in the key to the semifinal. Despite presenting an alternative team, those led by Gustavo Quinteros showed good performance and victory was never in doubt during the game.

The final of the tournament will be played this Saturday in Talca and the rival will be Everton from Viña del Mar that left on the way to Coquimbo Unido. Albos and Ruleteros have already clashed in this type of instance. Remembered is the 2016 final where the cast led by Pablo Guede was crowned champion of the tournament at the National Stadium.

All the news of Colo Colo, programming, news of the Superclásico and the possible ownership of Iván Morales in the Chilean National Team starting at 8:30 am in Dale Albo AM.

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