LIVE | Dale Albo AM: The victory against Unión and the return of the fans

Colo Colo won an important 4-0 victory against Unión Española that leaves him with one foot in the final of the Chile Cup. From the first minute the albos were dominating the game, prevailing on all lines of the field of play. Situation that was reflected in the final score.

The meeting was marked by the high participation of youth. Vicente Pizarro and Joan Cruz entered as starters, while Bruno Gutiérrez, Bryan Soto and Luciano Arriagada entered the complement. To these names could be added that of Pablo Solari, who although he was not trained in the Monumental, is 20 years old, and even lived in the Casa Alba.

The return of the public to the Monumental filled the victory with emotion. From the opening of the doors there was a party atmosphere, the songs were born from all sectors of the sports venue and not a few were the ones who cried when they saw the team go out onto the pitch. Above all, when noticing the canvas that the players wore with the legend “Without you we are 11, with you we are Chile.”

In Dale Albo AM we analyze the moment of the Eternal Champion and all the reactions that the victory left before the Hispanic cast. Listen to us from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM at the Matinal de los Colocolinos.

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