LIVE | Dale Albo AM: Who should replace Morales and Costa?

Colo Colo lives intense days and in the middle of the FIFA date he has no rest since he will have to face the Spanish Union and if he is victorious in the key, he will play the final of the Chile Cup on Saturday, a competition that could imply meeting one of the main objectives of the year. Get a place in an international competition.

For the duel against the Hispanics, Gustavo Quinteros will not be able to count on two fundamental pieces in his scheme: Iván Morales and Gabriel Costa. Both have been starters every time they have been available and have participated in a large part of the Cacique’s goals during this season.

Unique opportunity for players like Luciano Arriagada, who has already announced through social networks that he awaits his moment, and Javier Parraguez who has just added minutes against Cobresal. Both will compete to be the replacement for Morales. In the midfield there are more variants: Cesar Fuentes can join in the midfield to free Leonardo Gil, while Ignacio Jara and Carlo Villanueva are alternatives to be the team’s exit.

It should be remembered that the Cacique obtained an important advantage in the first leg by winning 4-0. All the news about the Cacique’s next challenge, the topic of reinforcements and the news of women’s football starting at 8:30 am in Dale Albo AM.

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