LIVE | Dale Albo: Colo Colo recovers Amor and Santos wants to fight for a position

Colo Colo is the exclusive leader of the National Championship with a difference of five points with his closest pursuers. Distance that he hopes to maintain or increase in the next date since in the following day he will be free and he does not want to risk leaving the top of the competition.

The Cacique’s next rival will be Huachipato, a meeting in which he will be able to once again have the presence of Emiliano Amor and Christian Santos will add one more week of training, which will allow him to go squarely to dispute a position among the headlines. For its part, the visit will not be able to with Cris Martínez who was expelled before Curicó and Gabriel Castellón who is part of the Chilean team’s payroll.

The match against the steelmakers, corresponding to the twenty-fifth date of the tournament, is scheduled for Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at the Monumental stadium and will be the last commitment before facing Universidad Católica in what is anticipated as a momentous duel in the fight for the title.

For its part, Colo Colo female will face the University of Chile next Monday looking for a step to the final of the competition. All the institutional news, starting at 8:30 am in Dale Albo AM.

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