LIVE | DaleAlbo AM in the preview of the Copa Chile final

Colo Colo will take to the field this Saturday, September 2, against Everton de Viña del Mar in the grand final of the Chile Cup 2021 at the Fiscal stadium in Talca. Meeting that marks the definition of the traditional Chilean contest, where the Cacique returns to the city that saw salvation in the First Division, just a few months ago against the University of Concepción.

Gustavo Quinteros is already preparing the starting eleven who will travel to the Maule Region in search of this new trophy. Who will go from the first minute in the duel against the roulette players? It is part of the topics of conversation of DaleAlbo AM with Edson Figueroa.

In addition, we commented on the rapid sale of tickets for the final of the Chile Cup, which is coming for this weekend in women’s football, with the return of the public to the Monumental Stadium in the Colo Colo duel against Deportes Iquique, for the penultimate date of the group stage, the return of young football and more.

We will not leave out the match of the Chilean team against Brazil for the South American Qualifiers to the Qatar World Cup 2022, where with Iván Morales as the starter, Martín Lasarte’s team could not against Brazil and Chile lost 1-0 at the beginning of a demanding triple date. Now, it is the turn to visit Ecuador in Quito this Sunday, September 5.

Join the DaleAlbo team in this new edition of DaleAlbo AM, which you can also relive on Spotify.

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