LIVE: Exfarc accepts responsibility for criminal kidnapping policy

With information from EFE

Rodrigo Londono assumed individual and collective responsibility for the FARC in war crimes and of It hurts humanity for the criminal policy of kidnapping.

“We have come here as the last secretariat of the disappeared FARC and as Rodrigo Londoño, in my capacity as the last commander, to assume our individual and collective responsibility in the face of one of the most abominable crimes committed for our organization as a result of a policy”, said Londoño

Before the JEP

The seven appearing members of the extinct guerrilla will appear before justice, the victims and the Colombian people to acknowledge or reject their responsibility for the orders they gave to kidnap people during the armed conflictafter in case 01, the JEP’s Chamber for the Recognition of Truth charged war crimes and crimes against humanity to the former Secretariat of the Farc-EP.

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The audience advances

– Caracol Radio (@CaracolRadio) June 21, 2022


In “Case 01”, opened in July 2018 by the JEP and investigating the hostage taking and other serious deprivations of liberty by the guerrillas, there are accredited 2,107 victims394 of them members of the public force.

The court has documented not only the kidnappings committed by the FARC but also related homicides and abuse, such as torture, attacks on personal dignity, sexual violence and forced displacement.

In total, the JEP “has managed to identify 21,396 kidnapping victims with names and identity cards” in the country.

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