LIVE | Give Albo AM the preview of Colo Colo vs Unión Española

Colo Colo will face Unión Española this afternoon looking for the passage to the final of the Chile Cup. The Albos won the first leg 4-0 which gives them an important advantage to manage the match and seal their classification.

The Cacique will not be able to count on Gabriel Costa and Iván Morales, who were summoned by their respective teams to contest the triple date of the South American Qualifiers towards Qatar 2022. Therefore, Gustavo Quinteros worked on the alternatives to replace them.

For their part, Hispanics also have defined training to face the popular cast. It should be remembered that in this tournament the rule requires that 3 Under-21 players add at least 180 minutes on the field of play and five must be part of the summons. Situation that forces coaches to make modifications.

In Dale Albo AM we tell you the formations of both teams, the list of mentioned of the Eternal Champion, loaded with players trained at home, the new name that sounds like a possible reinforcement in the Monumental and all the news of the most popular team in Chile. Listen to us counting from 8:30 am.

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