Live: Gymnastics took the initiative, but Central Córdoba had the clearest: they continue 0 to 0

With three thousand triperos who challenged day and time to encourage Gimnasia in Santiago del Estero, Pipo Gorosito’s team goalless draw with Central Córdoba in the Madre de Ciudades, within the framework of the closure of the twentieth date of the championship and where the Wolf seeks to return to the top of the Professional League. The match is refereed by Pablo Echavarría, with Silvio Trucco in the VAR and can be seen live on the screen by the Public TV and ESPN.

It can also be followed live through FM La Redonda’s Supertransmi as it was 25 years ago, on the classic 100.3 dial.

Pipo’s Wolf tried to impose conditions from the very beginning of the game. Very early he let the team led by Abel Balbo know that he had arrived in Santiago del Estero with the firm intention of keeping the three points.

The first minutes were the high pressure of Gimnasia, where the usual impetus of Eric Ramírez stood out and some projections of Colazo down the left wing.

The presence of Alexis Steimbach (replaced Benjamín Domínguez in the starting line-up) gave a greater presence in the aerial game to a team that was planted in the away field with most of its players.

After 20 minutes, the locals reacted with a left-footed shot from Alejandro Martínez that left the crossbar of the goal defended by Rey trembling. Out of nowhere, Central Córdoba was about to take the lead with a tremendous shot that ended up hitting the penalty line.

After that shock, the local settled better on the court and some inaccuracies appeared in Gymnastics that took him away from the brilliance he had shown in the first moments.

Néstor Gorosito decided three modifications for the match against Ferroviario: Guillermo Enrique returns after completing the suspension date due to the accumulation of yellow cards in place of Gonzalo González, Nicolás Colazo (a great income against Arsenal) will play for the injured Matías Melluso while Alexis Steimbach will go for Benjamín Domínguez in a tactical variant to balance the team a little more.

Gymnastics arrives at this match endorsed by an even walk, a performance that date to date demonstrates solidity and numbers in both tables that ratify many of the virtues of this team, which has made its backbone a flag and a guarantee of reliability.

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Gymnastics has, together with Atlético Tucumán, the least defeated fence with only 10 goals received

Thus, from the security of Rodrigo Rey, the spectacular season of Leonardo Morales, the presence of Agustín Cardozo to “bank” the entire midfield and the flashes of talent in the midst of the fight (in which he helps a lot) of the Uruguayan Brahian Alemán, Pipo Gorosito has managed to build a group of men where conviction is the foundation stone of an entire structure with dedication and solidarity as the main arguments.

A campaign in which the Wolf won more than half of the games played is not sustained only with effort and desire. There is imbalance from Alemán’s left foot, from the contributions of a footballer in constant growth and without a visible roof like Ramón Sosa and in everything that Eric Ramírez contributes (always spicy, although without the level prior to the injury that marginalized him for some dates ) and Franco Soldano, a striker who becomes the team’s first defender and who has not yet had as many quality balls inside the area as his game demands, but who has grown a lot in recent games.

In addition, the defensive operation shows as a medal to be the least defeated fence of the tournament, with only 10 goals conceded, the same amount as one of the competitors for the top, Atlético Tucumán. The 60 points in the season (which put Pipo on the same level as Griguol and Troglio on the podium of the great modern campaigns) also show a regularity that is part of the arguments of this Wolf who can allow himself to dream and who at this point wants much more than playing that South American Cup that was the goal at the beginning of the year.

Tonight’s rival comes from 10 days without playing, since the match against Vélez Sarsfield in Liniers was suspended due to lack of police operation when the team led by Abel Balbo was already in Buenos Aires waiting for the match. In their last match, on September 10, Ferroviario left a good image with a home win against Godoy Cruz 3-0.

In relation to the last game, Balbo will not be able to count on winger Iván Ramírez (called up by Guillermo Barros Schelotto to the Paraguayan team for the series against the United Arab Emirates and Morocco) and midfielder Jesús Soraire, suspended. Claudio Riaño has been dragging a muscular discomfort and it is very likely that he will finally take a place on the relief bench.


CORDOBA POWER PLANT: 23- Cesar Rigamonti; 54- Fernando Martínez, 2- Fabio Pereyra, 6- Franco Sbuttoni, 13- Lautaro Montoya; 24- Francisco González Metilli, 50- Enzo Kalinski, 27- Nicolás Linares, 7- Alejandro Martínez; 16- Juan Cruz Kaprof and 31- Renzo López.

Alternates: 1- Cristopher Toselli, 33- Alan Barrionuevo, 12- Jonathan Bay, 20- Matías di Benedetto, 36- José Gómez, 14- Abel Bustos, 11- Deian Verón, 10- Hernán López Muñoz, 18- Gonzalo Ríos, 22- Francisco Grahl, 45- Lucas Besozzi and 52- Gonzalo Torres.

GYM: 17- Rodrigo Rey; 6- Guillermo Enrique, 4- Leonardo Morales, 3- Oscar Piris, 18- Nicolás Colazo; 38- Alexis Steimbach, 30- Agustín Cardozo, 10- Brahian Alemán, 11- Ramón Sosa; 43- Eric Ramírez and 15- Franco Soldano. DT: Nestor Gorosito

The substitutes of the Wolf: 1- Tomás Durso, 2- Guillermo Fratta, 41- Gonzalo González, 31- Matías Bazzi, 33- Nery Leyes, 5- Emanuel Cecchini, 27- Manuel Insaurralde, 28- Tomás Muro, 22- Matías Miranda, 21- Lautaro Chávez, 44- Benjamin Dominguez and 26- Alexis Dominguez.

Referee: Paul Echavarria

VAR: Silvio Trucco and Diego Romero.

Basketball court: Unique Mother of Cities, from Santiago del Estero.

Start time: 8:30 p.m.

TV: Public TV and ESPN.

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