LIVE – Legislative: no absolute majority in the National Assembly, breakthrough of the RN and the Nupes

What will become of Jean-Luc Mélenchon after this election?

A leap forward that remains insufficient. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who had called in the wake of the presidential election to what we “elect” him as Prime Ministershould not dislodge Elisabeth Borne of Matignon despite the breakthrough of the Nupes.

After more than 35 years of political mandates, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is therefore no longer elected. What about his future?

These ministers who must already leave the government

The deal was known to all, the beaten ministers will have to leave the executive. On Sunday, three of them were beaten and have now resigned: Amélie de Montchalin, Brigitte Bourguignon and Justine Benin.

For Roussel, Nupes failed to “go beyond a glass ceiling”

The left-wing alliance for the legislative elections made it possible to “win a large number of deputies” but spoke “only to the big cities” and failed to pierce “a ceiling” of glass, the leader regretted on Sunday. of the PCF Fabien Roussel, re-elected against the RN in the 20th district of the North.

“The left alliance has made it possible to win a large number of deputies, it’s a good thing, I welcome it, and it will allow the communist deputies to have a group tomorrow”, first greeted the deputy. Nupes and its allies won 137 seats.

“But I also see that it didn’t allow us to have a majority, and it didn’t prevent the far right from making strong progress either, and that challenges me, that questions me,” lamented on BFMTV the number one of the PCF, who was a presidential candidate in April.

BEFORE AFTER. Legislative: how France changed its face between 2017 and 2022

In five years, La République en Marche and Le Modem, now allied with Horizons and Acting under the Together banner, have lost more than 100 deputies.

They are only 247 elected from the presidential coalition this Sunday, after the second round of legislative elections.

BEFORE AFTER. Legislative: visualize the historic breakthrough of the RN in an animated gif

With only 8 elected in the 2017 legislative elections, the National Rally – still called the National Front at the time – had to content itself with sitting among those not registered in the National Assembly, failing to reach the threshold necessary to constitute a group.

Five years later, the situation has changed: Marine Le Pen’s party achieves a historic breakthrough after the second round of legislative elections: 89 elected RNs enter the Palais-Bourbonunheard of for the extreme right under the Fifth Republic.

“The slap”, “Ingovernable”, “Absolute doubt”: the defeat of Together on the front page of the press this Monday

The absence of an absolute majority for Emmanuel Macronthe breakthrough of the Nupes and the very strong performance of the National Rally, which will have 90 deputies… The vast majority of press titles have chosen to put the results of the second round of the legislative elections on the front page of their edition of Monday, June 20, the day after the election.

“The slap”, title thus Release which underlines the defeat of the Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguignon and “pillars” of the majority like Christophe Castaner or Richard Ferrand. For the daily rather classified on the left, it is Emmanuel Macron who pays for “his ni-ni strategy and his non-campaign.”

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Full house for the Nupes in Seine-Saint-Denis which wins all the seats of deputies

The grand slam for the Nupes in Seine-Saint-Denis. In the second round of these legislative elections, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union won the 12 seats of deputies in the department.

In this emblematic department of the former “red suburb”, the left already held seven constituencies in the outgoing legislature. The coalition carried out this “strike” by sweeping in its path the three outgoing LREM deputies, an LR deputy and the president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

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“We have reached limits”: Fabien Roussel judges that Nupes only spoke “to part of France”

Fabien Roussel was re-elected deputy for the North this Sunday by defeating the National Rally in his constituency with 54.50% of the vote. Candidate under the banner of the New popular ecological and social union, the communist is however very critical on the results of the union of the left. La Nupes, who has obtained 147 seats out of 577, “has reached limits,” said the boss of the PCF.

The Nupes “did not prevent many voters from turning to the candidates of the National Rally and the far right”, laments Fabien Roussel, taking the example of his region of Hauts-de-France where the RN obtained 12 deputies.

“We can see that we have reached limits in what we are doing. We have to manage to find the discourse to go and convince those who abstain”, says the man who, during the campaign for the legislative elections , has sometimes been very critical of Nupes.

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After the second round, can Emmanuel Macron dissolve the National Assembly?

After the results of the second round of legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron now has only one option: “Dissolve the National Assembly in a year.”

That’s what it says an executive adviser to our colleagues in the Worldjudging Parliament “useless and ungovernable, because neither the Nupes nor we are able to forge alliances to reach 289 votes”, the threshold of an absolute majority.

The dissolution of the National Assembly is provided for in Article 12 of the Constitution and would lead to the calling of new legislative elections “twenty days at least and forty days at most after the dissolution.” It can be pronounced by the President of the Republic “after consulting the Prime Minister and the Presidents” of the National Assembly and the Senate.

According to the interpretation made by certain constitutionalists of article 12, nothing prevents Emmanuel Macron, if he wished, from dissolving the National Assembly this week.

According to the constitutionalist Didier Maus, it is not necessary to wait a year before calling new elections. “Nothing prohibits having the dissolution (after the second round. There is no time limit”, he explained shortly before the second round to our colleagues from CheckNews.

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37.3% of women elected to the National Assembly, down from 2017

The new National Assembly elected this Sunday will have 215 women (37.26%) and 362 men (62.74%), i.e. a slightly less feminized hemicycle than that resulting from the 2017 legislative elections (39%), according to a complete count of the 577 seats.

Long behind, France had risen to 33rd place in terms of parity in 2017out of 185 countries ranked by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

As in 2017, it is the LR group which is the least equal, with 18 women out of 61 elected (29.5%). Conversely, the left alliance Nupes has 43.6% of women deputies. The presidential majority, which no longer enjoys an absolute majority, has 40.4% women and the RN 37.1%.

No absolute majority for Together, breakthrough of the RN and the Nupes: discover the new face of the National Assembly

A very divided National Assembly. The presidential coalition Together comes first at the end of the second round of the legislative elections, but obtained only a very relative majority with 247 deputies – 166 Renaissance (the new name of LaREM), 47 Modem, 28 Horizons and 6 others, according to the count carried out by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV-RMC and The Express with our partner SFR. This is a net loss of more than 100 elected officials compared to 2017.

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