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Accelerated training, poaching at Zemmour … How the RN is organized after its unexpected success

After having multiplied by 10 the number of its elected members in the National Assembly, it is time to organize the new group of Marine Le Pen.

Sponsorship by party figures, training … To leave nothing to chance, the RN also plans to recruit parliamentary collaborators on the side of Generation Z.

We summarize the challenges of the party in the coming weeks here.

“Bogus invitation”, “no blank check”: Macron’s speech does not convince the opposition

The President of the Republic asked the forces present in the National Assembly if they were ready to form a coalition. An option rejected by the main opposition figures.

The track of a grand coalition seems totally excluded this Wednesday. A few minutes after the speech by the President of the Republic, Jean-Luc Mélenchon was the first to reactclosing the door to this idea.

The Socialists are on the same line as the rebellious on the subject. “Who are we laughing at?” thus asks Olivier Faure, First Secretary of the PS.

On the right, the very recently appointed head of the Republican parliamentary group, Olivier Marleix, described as a “pragmatic” anti-Macron, announces that the LR deputies will not sign “no blank check”, “moreover on an unclear project.”

Find the reactions of the opposition in our article.

No government of national unity, ultimatum to the opposition: what to remember from Macron’s speech

The Head of State spoke on Wednesday evening, three days after the results of the second round of legislative elections and while the presidential coalition does not have an absolute majority.

“We must learn to govern and legislate differently”, asserted Emmanuel Macrop, while dismissing the hypothesis “of a government of national unity to date”.

We summarize here what you need to remember from this speech.

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