LIVE – Macron’s second five-year term begins this Saturday, the government in place until Monday

“I know what I owe him”: Manuel Bompard ready to take over from Mélenchon in the Bouches-du-Rhône

In an interview given to Provence, Manuel Bompard returned to his candidacy in the 4th district of Bouches-du-Rhône and his relationship with Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“From the moment when the hypothesis that Jean-Luc Mélenchon was not a candidate in this constituency began to become serious, there were discussions, he indicates, in the columns of the newspaper. The activists, the executives, from LFI in Marseille asked me to come there.”

“The idea of ​​being a candidate in this emblematic constituency of our political approach seemed to me to be an important symbolism”, he continues..

As for his affiliation with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for whom he was campaign manager twice in the presidential election and once in the European elections, Manuel Bompard confides: “I know what I owe him”, evoking “a relationship of trust, loyalty, friendship”.

Legislative: Eric Zemmour begins his field campaign in the Var

The Reconquest candidate walked the aisles of the Sainte-Maxime market on Friday to meet his activists and traders, reports Var Morning .

“I will speak to citizens as I spoke during the presidential election, I will speak to them about France, their identity and their material conditions,” he said.

He also achieved a very good score in the town, during the first round of the presidential election: 17.38%, a score well above the national average.

Although the far-right candidate is popular in the Var, Rassemblement National candidate Marine Le Pen could hinder him. The Varois voted for her in the majority and placed her in the lead during the two rounds of the presidential election (30.61% in the first round and 55.1% in the second).

The Matignon website mistakenly announces the resignation of the government

The government website mistakenly posted a page this Saturday morning announcing the resignation of the Castex government, “due to technical problems”, said Matignon, confirming information from France Télévisions.

The web page displayed by mistake on is “regularly used in the event of a reorganization. It has been prepared for a while now. It is a ghost page that has been returned to Google searches. contact with the search engine to rectify”, explains Matignon.

“Since the report, the page has been dereferenced and unpublished. Only the press releases are authentic. To our knowledge, there is no planned redesign today,” concludes the Prime Minister’s entourage.

Tax situation, conflicts of interest… How are potential future members of the government checked?

Since the Cahuzac and Thévenoud cases, entry into government requires numerous checks on the probity of candidates for the various ministries, while the announcement of the new government is long overdue.

From the request for the criminal record to the search for conflicts of interest, through the verification of the “morality” of the candidates, an overview of all the checks carried out.

>> It is to be read here.

Macron will be in Abu Dhabi on Sunday to pay tribute to the President of the Emirates

Emmanuel Macron will travel to Abu Dhabi on Sunday to pay tribute to the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, who died on Friday at the age of 73, the Elysée announced.

Consequence: Prime Minister Jean Castex will not go to the Vatican as planned, the two heads of the executive cannot be outside the territory at the same time, said Matignon.

McFly and Carlito, Tibo InShape, Magali Berdah… how influencers won the executive’s ear

In the space of a presidential mandate, influencers, stars of social networks, have gradually gained the attention of ministers, anxious to speak directly to young people. With more or less convincing results.

Find here the article of our editorial staff on this growing influence.

Legislative in Pas-de-Calais: Le Pen hopes to “win in the first round”

While in Le Figaro dated this Saturday, she assures that her recent presidential campaign would be the last, Marine Le Pen seemed more determined when approaching the legislative elections, during a public meeting in Hénin-Beaumont on Friday.

“It would be nice to be able to win in the first round, it would show that nothing and no one can stop us”, launched the one who is seeking re-election to the seat of deputy in this constituency of Pas-de-Calais. “So, of course, it never goes fast enough for our taste. We would like it to go faster. But you have to be aware of what we are fighting against”, she continued, pointing to her opponent: “the entire system”.

Make way for Macron’s second five-year term, Castex in office until Monday… at least

A page turns on Saturday at midnight with the start of Macron’s second five-year term. But the expectation of the appointment of the next Prime Minister to replace Jean Castex who will remain in office at least until Monday persists.

When will Jean Castex bring his letter of resignation to the Head of State? If the Élysée has given no indication, one thing is certain: the head of government is in the process of packing his boxes, a “political necessity” according to him, while Emmanuel Macron seeks to obtain a new breath for the legislative elections in June.

But the change is not for this weekend. On Sunday, Jean Castex has one last trip on his agenda: to lead the French delegation for the canonization in the Vatican of the explorer and then hermit Charles de Foucauld. From then on, the scenario of a departure at the beginning of next week is taking shape. “The resignation will take place on Monday,” a majority official believes.

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