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“Women’s voices must be heard”: Mélenchon reacts to accusations against ex-LFI candidate Bouhafs

The boss of LFI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, reacted this Wednesday evening to accusations against the ousted legislative candidate, Taha Bouhafs, who is the subject of an internal complaint within the party for sexual violence.

“The voice of women must be heard seriously”, tweeted in particular the one who hopes to become Prime Minister next June. While specifying that he was counting “on the ad hoc commission of LFI to establish the truth”.

If you have not followed anything in this case, we explain everything in this article.

Reshuffle: towards a resignation of the government at the beginning of next week

Jean Castex should end the week at the head of the government. The current Prime Minister has not yet resigned from his government, pending the appointment of his successor by Emmanuel Macron.

According to government sources at BFMTV this Wednesday evening, Jean Castex should remain in his post at least until Monday. The Matignon tenant is indeed expected this Sunday at the Vatican.

Legislative: the union of the left is ahead of the presidential majority in the 1st round, according to a poll

One month before the first round of the legislative elections, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union could well come out on top on the evening of June 12.

According to a survey Ifop-Fiducial for LCI published this Wednesday, if the first round took place this Sunday, the alliance of rebels, communists, socialists and ecologists would obtain 28% of the vote.

The presidential majority, which brings together La République en Marche (which recently changed its name and renamed itself Renaissance), Horizons, Agir and the MoDem, would collect 27% of the vote.

We summarize here the lessons of this survey.

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