Live | News of this June 23: Duque and Petro, FARC, soccer and more

These are the most important news this Thursday, June 23, in Colombia and the world:

Iván Duque and Gustavo Petro will meet this Thursday at the Casa de Nariño

the president elect Gustavo Petro will arrive this Thursday at Narino Palace to meet with the current president Ivan Dukethis will be the first meeting they will hold after the second presidential round.

The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 in the afternoon, where they are expected to hold a private meetingprior to the first meeting of the splice committee that begins on Friday.

Rodolfo Hernández will assume his seat in the Senate

After being defeated in the second round electoral contest, the former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez He finally decided to take the seat in the Senate of the Republic, of which he is a creditor thanks to the Statute of the Opposition.

According to sources confirmed to Caracol Radio, the former mayor of Bucaramanga finally decided to be senator of the Republic, and would make the official announcement on the afternoon of this Thursday, June 23. Initially from the campaign of Hernandez they had assured that the engineer would accept the seat in the legislature; However, later versions came out that questioned the intention of the former candidate.

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Pastor Alape acknowledges sexual violations in captivity

Kidnapping as territorial control led to the exFARC subject their victims to tortures and cruel treatment, which even allowed sexual violations by the kidnappers, as narrated by a victim of this crime against humanity, who was raped by three guerrillas, tied up and chained.

Listening to this victim, Shepherd Alape he assured that they were not errors, but horrors; recognized responsibility collectively and individually in the sexual violations perpetrated by the guerrillas; and he apologized.

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Alape also recognized the responsibility of the Secretariat for not exercising control so that the victims were not mistreated “as sexual violations that came to be. That is why we are assuming that responsibility.”

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