Live: Quindío Vs. Pereira, date 13 of the Colombian League

Quindío Sports receive the Pereira in what will be a new edition of this Classic of the Coffee Region. The match will close the date 13 of Colombian soccer. Both teams are close to the group of 8, but their first goal is keep category.

The last time this match was played in the first division was the November 16, 2011 with victory 3 – 0 of the ‘matecañas’ in cansa. In the Centennial of Armenia, the most recent league match took place on May 8, 2011 and Quindío won 4 – 3.

Those of Oscar Quintabani come from losing 1 – 0 to Equity in Bogota. Currently, they are 12th place with 17 points and they have a good campaign with the Argentine coach. In their last home match they defeated 1 – 0 to Independiente Medellín.

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On the other hand, the Deportivo Pereira drew with Tolima in Ibagué last week and before they had defeated National Athletic. Risaraldenses are tenth with 18 points, the same as the eighth and therefore a draw will be enough to beat America in the table.

The real fight of Quindío and Pereira is for the descent. At this time the Quindío would be descendingor with 105 points and they are one of the Pereira who has 106. Below them Huila is located that already has very difficult with 95 points and above they have Patriots with 112. The game will start at 8:05 pm and you can live it by streaming Snail Sports.

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