Live-streaming, karaoke and competitions: Deezer wants to revolutionize the link with its users

Guest of Tech&Co on BFM Business, Stéphane Rougeot, deputy general manager of Deezer, unveiled some new features that will be added to the music streaming service. Deezer’s objective is to transform the user experience towards a more collective use.

Deezer is today the second independent music streaming service behind the Swedish Spotify. But the French company, created in 2007 and present in 180 countries, intends to stand out from its main competitor and assert its leadership internationally.

“Each company has its dynamics. Spotify has raised nearly 3 billion euros. They have invested enormously in their brand and their products. At Deezer, we have raised ten times less money for a product that is at the same level or even even better. The feedback from our users is very good. We consistently reach number 1 or 2 on the five major streaming platforms, whether on the App Store or Google Play.” explained Stéphane Rougeot, deputy general manager of Deezer, guest of Tech&Co.

Develop exclusive content

Among the areas of work on which Deezer is working, we find the development of exclusive content for subscribers, but especially related to live content. The French platform has notably invested in Driift, a specialist in events broadcast live. This company has already sold more than 800,000 digital tickets for concerts or other live productions.

Last June, Deezer also allowed fans of rapper Jul to attend his concert at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille. More than 170,000 unique viewers connected to the streaming platform, for a total of 771,000 views. “We want to focus on music, to be “The Home of Music”. Developing these functions that go beyond the catalog (the platform lists 90 million sounds) is important. for users, artists and the entire industry” insisted Stéphane Rougeot.

Strengthen links between users

In addition to this focus on live, Deezer also wants to strengthen the link between artists and fans but also between users. Stéphane Rougeot thus mentioned the transformation of the customer experience that Deezer will offer in the coming months.

“Basically, a music streaming platform is an individual experience. We try to turn that into a more collective experience by developing connections and creating emotion, because that’s what music is.”

To do this, Deezer will soon be offering its users games to play with fans, but also contests and karaoke on its platform.

A justified price increase?

In the new features to come on Deezer, users will also be able to further adjust “Flow”, their personalized radio according to their moods and expectations. It will soon be possible to adjust the cursor between a mode that allows you to stay in your musical comfort zone or to go to new music, especially local ones.

These new services are also one of the explanations for the increase in the price of Deezer subscriptions. The platform had indeed increased its prices at the start of 2022. A justified increase according to Stéphane Rougeot: “This increase is also linked to the fact that we have made available superior quality sound throughout the catalog. therefore generates higher costs.

This increase should also be put into perspective according to the deputy general manager of Deezer: “When you look at the prices of these music streaming platforms since their creation, the price remained at 9.99 euros until the beginning of 2022, unlike the video like Netflix which has been steadily increasing.”

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