LIVE – Ukraine: three nuclear power plants reconnected to the electricity grid

Russia announces that it has distributed 80,000 passports since the “annexation” of four Ukrainian regions

Russia announced on Thursday that it had distributed Russian passports to more than 80,000 inhabitants of four areas of Ukraine that it claims to have attached to its territory, annexations not recognized by the international community.

“Since the four regions were added to the Russian Federation, and in accordance with the law, more than 80,000 people have received passports as citizens of the Russian Federation,” the Russian Interior Ministry said. quoted by local news agencies.

In September, Russia organized “referendums”, denounced as “simulacra” by Western countries, aimed at taking over the areas it controls in Ukraine in the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as Zaporizhia and Kherson.

Electricity gradually returns to Ukraine after Russian strikes

Electricity is gradually being restored on Thursday in many cities in Ukraine, including the capital kyiv, the day after intense Russian bombardments on the country’s energy infrastructure.

As a winter chill has gripped the country, a quarter of homes remain without power in Kyiv, but running water has returned to some neighborhoods and elsewhere will be restored later today, officials said. regional authorities.

Public transport also operates this Thursday in the capital, however buses replace trams to save electricity.

Poland wants Germany to give its Patriot missiles to Ukraine

Poland’s defense minister has proposed that Germany transfer to Ukraine the Patriot air defense system it gave to Warsaw after a deadly missile fell in Poland last week.

“After new Russian missile attacks, I asked the German side that the Patriot batteries offered to Poland be passed on to Ukraine and installed on the western border,” Mariusz Blaszczak said on Wednesday evening on Twitter.

“This will protect Ukraine against further losses and power cuts, and will enhance security on our eastern border,” he added.

Three Ukrainian nuclear power plants reconnected to the electricity grid

The three Ukrainian nuclear power plants under the control of kyiv have been able to be reconnected to the electricity grid, after having been cut off the day before following massive Russian strikes, the Ministry of Energy announced on Thursday. These are the Khmelnytsky and Rivne power stations and the Pivdennooukrainsk power station.

“After yesterday’s massive bombings, energy workers were able to (…) reconnect three nuclear power plants to the electricity grid in the morning,” the ministry said on Telegram, adding that these facilities should start delivering electricity. electricity by “tonight”.

National Philharmonic of Ukraine performs lantern-lit concert after Russian strikes

A symbol of Ukrainian resilience. The National Philharmonic of Ukraine gave a concert lit with lanterns, due to lack of power, Ukrainian Culture Minister Alexander Tkachenko announced, according to the Ukrainian news agency Nexta.

Ukraine has been targeted in recent days by Russian strikes affecting its energy infrastructure.

Ukraine: Volunteers collect abandoned corpses of Russian soldiers

In the middle of a forest devastated by the war in the region of Izioum in Ukraine, a strange group advances with precautions, while the places are still potentially mined. These men, volunteers, take care of the corpses of abandoned Russian soldiers.

“We are careful because our lives depend on it, but also so that the body remains intact so that we can send it back to Russia”, explains Oleksey to BFMTV.

These volunteers have already collected more than 200 bodies.

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Two American babies evacuated from a Russian orphanage by an NGO

Two American babies born to a surrogate mother who had fled the conflict in Ukraine before giving birth in Saint Petersburg, were evacuated on Tuesday from an orphanage in this Russian metropolis and returned to their American parents, announced Wednesday the NGO responsible for the operation.

The twins, a boy and a girl, were “rescued” on Tuesday after Project Dynamo’s first mission to Russian territory, the organization said.

The children were not kidnapped, but evacuated thanks to “contacts” in Russia, while the surrogate mother lived in Donbass, one of the regions of Ukraine most affected by the war.

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Two American babies were evacuated from a Russian orphanage by the NGO Project Dynamo
Two American babies were evacuated from a Russian orphanage by the NGO Project Dynamo © PROJECT DYNAMO / AFP

The European Parliament calls for donations of electric generators

European cities were called on Wednesday in the European Parliament to donate electric generators to Ukraine, which is suffering massive power cuts due to Russian attacks on infrastructure.

“Ukrainians now need material support to get through the winter”, insisted, during a press conference in Strasbourg, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola, seeing in this initiative called “Generators of hope”. , a “new layer of practical aid” to Ukraine at the onset of winter.

Macron announces that he will have “direct contact” with Putin “in the coming days”

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday that he would have “direct contact” with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “in the coming days” on civilian nuclear power and the Zaporizhia power plant, which Moscow and kyiv accuse each other of having bombarded.

On the Russian side, “for the time being, there is no agreement on a telephone interview with the French president. Frankly, there has been no concrete proposal on this subject”, declared to the press the door- word of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov.

The Ukrainian operator, Energoatom, announced that three nuclear power plants in the country had been “disconnected” from the electricity grid on Wednesday after Russian strikes targeting energy infrastructure.

Massive water and electricity cuts in Ukraine after Russian strikes

Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure have led to massive power and water cuts, particularly in the capital kyiv. They targeted strategic infrastructure as winter temperatures set in in Ukraine.

Following these strikes, three nuclear power plants were “disconnected” from the electricity grid, without causing any consequences on the level of radiation at this stage. The supply of that of Zaporijia, occupied by the Russians, was stopped.

The mayor of the capital of kyiv also announced that infrastructure had been affected in the capital and that the water supply had been “suspended throughout kyiv” because of the bombardments.

Zelensky denounces to the UN a “crime against humanity” after Russian strikes on infrastructure in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday denounced before the United Nations Security Council a “crime against humanity” perpetrated according to him by Russia which attacked Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

“With temperatures below zero, several million people without energy supply, without heating and without water, it is obviously a crime against humanity”, lambasted the head of state during his speech. brief statement to the Security Council via video link during an emergency meeting he himself had called for.

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