LIVE VIDEO – Boycotting the World Cup in Qatar: the great hypocrisy?



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While several personalities have declared a boycott of the World Cup organized in Qatar, a general boycott of the competition seems difficult to imagine. VS’is the subject of Talk franceinfo. Every evening from 6 p.m., Manon Mella and her guests debate with Internet users on the franceinfo Twitch channel.

After Philippe Lahm, another football star Eric Cantona announced his boycott of the world competition. However, the holding of the World Cup does not seem to be shaken, and no team qualified for the competition has decided to withdraw. So is the boycott a relevant way to denounce the conditions for organizing the 2022 World Cup?

Mathieu Rollinger, editor-in-chief of and Johan Reboul, author of the “Guide for young people engaged”, are in Le Talk to discuss it. Manon Mella also receives Fabien Bonnel, member of the office of the Irrésistibles Français supporters club.

On Tuesday, September 13, “Le Quotidien de la Réunion” headlined “Sans nous” stating that the local newspaper will not cover the World Cup in Qatar because of human rights and environmental violations in its organization. In this specific case, the editorial staff of the daily clearly announces that it will ignore the event, but it is an exception in the media landscape. Indeed, no other press title or French media has announced a boycott of the World Cup.

The possibility of a more general boycott thus seems difficult to imagine. By way of example and beyond the exclusively journalistic environment, the NGO Amnesty International, which distributed a documentary denouncing the working conditions of workers at the World Cup, is not calling for a boycott. The organization prefers to favor other modes of action. So is the boycott an effective way to denounce the organization of the World Cup in Doha?

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