LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia will mobilize 300,000 reservists

For the EU, the mobilization of Russian reservists shows the “disarray” of Putin

The partial mobilization of Russian reservists demonstrates President Vladimir Putin’s desire to continue in the “escalation” of the war against Ukraine and is “a new sign of his disarray”, said Wednesday the spokesman for the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borrell.

“The announcement of the partial mobilization of the reservists and the confirmation of the referendums (in occupied regions of Ukraine) are a clear signal addressed to the international community during the week of the United Nations General Assembly of its will to continue its war destructive that has negative consequences around the world,” spokesman Peter Stano said.

For Berlin, the partial mobilization in Russia is a “serious and bad step”

German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck on Wednesday slammed the partial mobilization of Russians of fighting age announced by President Vladimir Putin as a “serious and wrong step”.

“With the partial mobilization, Russia is practicing a policy of escalating this war of aggression in violation of international law. This is a serious and wrong step that we strongly condemn”, reacted on Twitter Mr. Habeck, who is also Ecologist Minister for the Economy.

The dollar pushed to the highest in 20 years after the declarations of Putin

The dollar jumped to a 20-year high on Wednesday against a basket of other major currencies, after President Vladimir Putin mobilized his reserve to fight in Ukraine and said he was ready to use “all means” to to defend oneself.

While the greenback is also benefiting from bets on tight monetary policy ahead of a US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting later today, the Dollar index, which compares it to currencies like the yen, l euro or the pound, rose to 110.87 points, a record since 2002.

For the mayor of kyiv, Vladimir Putin “launched in his country the processes that will bury him”

On his Telegram account, the mayor of kyiv Vitali Klitschko castigated the statements of this Wednesday by Vladimir Putin.

“The mobilization and the nuclear threats announced by Putin will not help aggression in its desire to conquer and destroy Ukraine. The tyrant has launched the processes in his country that will bury him,” he said. writing.

Russian opponent Navalny says mobilization in Russia will lead to ‘a huge tragedy’

The partial mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin will lead to “a huge tragedy”, imprisoned opponent Alexei Navalny denounced on Wednesday.

“All this will lead to a huge tragedy and a huge amount of death,” the main Kremlin critic lambasted during a hearing at one of his many trials, according to a video shared by Russian media.

UK Defense Secretary Calls Putin’s Speech ‘Admission of Failed Invasion’

Moscow’s announcement of partial mobilization in Russia and “referendums” of annexation of territories constitutes an “admission of failure” of the invasion of Ukraine, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on Wednesday.

The fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin “broke his own promise not to mobilize part of his population” constitutes “an admission of the failure of his invasion”, he said.

“No threat or propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning this war…and Russia is becoming a global pariah,” he added in a statement.

‘You can kill a lot of people’: live on the BBC, a former adviser to Vladimir Putin evokes a possible nuclear bombing of Great Britain

Guest from BBC Radio 4 TodaySergei Markov, a former member of the Russian Duma and former close adviser to Vladimir Putin, spoke of a possible nuclear bombardment of Western countries by Moscow.

“For you British listeners, know that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons against Western countries, against Britain,” he said.

Comments in connection with the televised declaration of this Wednesday of Vladimir Putin, who indicated that Russia was ready to use “all the means” to protect itself.

“We are not going to kill everyone. But we can kill a lot of people in a lot of countries,” Sergei Markov said.

For the American ambassador to Ukraine, the partial mobilization announced by Putin is a “sign of weakness”

Moscow’s announcement of partial mobilization in Russia and referendums on the annexation of Ukrainian territories is a “sign of weakness, of Russian failure”, US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink said on Wednesday.

“Mock referendums and mobilization are signs of weakness, of Russian failure,” wrote Ms. Brink on Twitter, while assuring that her country would continue to “support Ukraine as long as it takes”.

Ukraine accuses Russia of bombing its Zaporizhia power plant again

The Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom on Wednesday accused Russia of having again bombed the site of the Zaporijjia power plant (south), the largest in Europe.

“Russian terrorists bombed the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant again during the night,” Energoatom said on Telegram.

Moscow acknowledges that 5,937 Russian soldiers were killed in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry said that since the start of the war in Ukraine in February, 5,937 Russian soldiers had been killed in Ukraine.

A figure most certainly underestimated, as indicated by the announcement of the mobilization of 300,000 reservists.

Russia to mobilize 300,000 reservists

Russia will mobilize 300,000 reservists to reinforce its troops in Ukraine, announced Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, warning that this represents only a tiny part of the number of people who can be mobilized in the country.

“300,000 reservists will be called up,” he said, when asked during a television interview about the number of people who will be called up after Vladimir Putin’s decision to decree a partial mobilization. According to the minister, Russia has the potential to mobilize some 25 million people.

Separatist referendums “absolutely illegitimate” according to a Ukrainian MP

Lesia Vasylenko was asked to react to the holding of four referendums in the Donbass and aimed at annexing the separatist territories in eastern Ukraine or the territories conquered from Russia. “They are absolutely illegitimate, we can’t even talk about ‘referendums’. It’s like in Crimea in 2014”, launched the parliamentarian.

‘We are moving towards victory’: Ukrainian MP not impressed by Putin’s speech

Lesia Vasylenko, Ukrainian opposition deputy, from the Voice Party, testified in French on our antenna, after the broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s speech.

“We have our plan, we are organizing with our allies, we are receiving armaments. Everything is stable in Ukraine. We are moving towards victory and faster than we thought,” she said.

Putin says Russia is ready to use ‘every means’ to ‘protect’ itself

While Ukraine accuses Russia this morning of having carried out new strikes on the Zaporijia nuclear power plant, Vladimir Putin underlined that he was determined to fire at all costs to protect the interests of his country.

Russia is ready to use “all its means” to “protect” itself, said Vladimir Putin, without excluding atomic weapons.

Putin announces “partial mobilization” to strengthen the army

Vladimir Poutine also indicated that he had just signed a decree authorizing a “partial mobilization” of the population, affirming that only the reservists would be solicited.

“This is what had made the switch for Chechnya, the mobilization of conscripts from the contingent, therefore young people”, analyzed on set our journalist Nicolas Poincaré.

Putin confirms that “he will support the referendums” of annexation in the separatist territories

It was an open secret, it is lifted. Vladimir Putin has just confirmed the imminent holding of referendums in the various separatist territories of eastern Ukraine aimed at attaching them to Russia. There will be four referendums. These will be launched on Friday.

Claiming to be the guarantor of the “right to self-determination” of these peoples, Vladimir Putin assured: “We do not have the right to leave these populations at the mercy of the Ukrainian regime”. He listed the territories where these consultations would be held: Zaporizhia, Kherson, Lugansk and Donetsk. These governments, he said, “made the sovereign decision to come to us to organize referendums”. “We will support their approach,” he continued. Vladimir Putin promised the citizens of these lands to “be able to decide on their fate”.

Vladimir Putin assures that the war is fought by “professional soldiers”

Vladimir Putin assured that these “special operations” were carried out by “professional soldiers” as well as by “volunteers, patriots”. A statement that should be understood as a response to accusations of an army struggling to recruit and mobilize and even sending prisoners to the front that emerged in the press.

‘The goal of the West is to destroy our country’: Putin addresses Russians in speech

A long-awaited speech recorded last night by Vladimir Putin is broadcast this morning. He attacked the international community: “The objective of the West is to destroy our country”. An objective which would explain according to the dictator the Western support nà Ukraine.

He explained his invasion of Ukraine by his desire to protect Russia against an “imminent attack” presenting this aggression as “a logical decision”, continuing to speak of a simple “special military operation”.

He again accused his international interlocutors of having rejected his “peaceful proposals”.

Several Russian setbacks since early September

All these announcements come after the Russian setbacks in early September, with the Moscow army withdrawing from the Kharkiv region in the face of pressure from kyiv forces, strong in supplies of Western weapons and equipment.

The Ukrainian army has also launched a counter-offensive on the Kherson region in the south. It is also on the offensive in the Lugansk region, which Moscow had conquered in its entirety in the spring at the cost of months of deadly fighting.

Annexation “referendums” announced in 4 regions of Ukraine

The separatist powers of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions announced these “referendums”, as did the Russian occupation authorities of Kherson and Zaporizhia. These elections, scheduled for this week, will take place as Ukraine enters its 8th month of war and all these areas are the subject of fighting.

These votes, on the model of the one which formalized the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia in 2014, denounced by kyiv and the West, have been the subject of preparations for several months.

In response, Ukraine promised to “liquidate” the Russian “threat”. “Ukraine will settle the Russian question. The threat can only be liquidated by force”, wrote on Telegram the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, Andriï Yermak, denouncing a “blackmail” on the part of Moscow, motivated by “the fear of defeat”.

Vladimir Putin to speak on Russian TV

Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to Vladimir Putin’s speech. The Russian president will address his fellow citizens, a few hours after the authorities installed by Moscow in four regions of Ukraine announced the urgent holding of September 23 and 27 of “referendums” of annexation by Russia.

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