Livia Brito and the tattoo that nobody knew about the actress of “Nobody’s Woman”

He showed it for the first time! The actress Livia Brito It has become a controversial topic of discussion on social media. in the last hours, because for the first time he almost completely showed one of the most daring tattoos of his anatomy that has been embodied in his skin. Find out more about the ‘revelation’ of the star of “Nobody’s Woman” here.

Through different stories published in your personal Instagram feedBrito has been exposed in the gym of his luxurious home, where he showed off his marked abdomen before starting his rigorous training.

Throughout her photographs, the small screen artist showed that she uses a reductive gel for all areas of her torso, at that time,

Livia Brito is the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivision telenovela (Nobody’s Woman / Facebook)


Although the photograph that reveals the artist’s tattoo was not very clear, various followers managed to notice the art on the skin that Livia made a few years ago, which is some bird or butterfly in violet tones.

In fact, the tattoo alludes to the fact that it is perched on a branch or a pedestal, which is decorated by different elements up to its pelvic area.

However, to the misfortune of his followers, there were parts of the tattoo that he could no longer show due to the explicitness of the recording that is already a trend on social networks.

Let us remember that Livia Brito has always been very careful when showing her anatomy, which she has managed to take care of despite having worn a swimsuit on multiple occasions. However, it is not yet known what is the reason why the actress has not wanted to show it to her large fandom.


It is worth specifying that this has not been the only tattoo that Livia has on her body, since previously she already showed the other pieces of art that she has on her abdomen, as was the trend in which she made known the phrase that is written in the part of your pelvis.

The television artist participated in a viral challenge on TikTok (Photo: Livia Brito/TikTok)
The television artist participated in a viral challenge on TikTok (Photo: Livia Brito/TikTok)


There is no doubt that behind-the-scenes footage is some of the most requested footage by fans of actresses around the world, something that Livia Brito has been no stranger to throughout her vast career as melodramas.

In this sense, the celebrity herself decided to upload a footage to her YouTube channel recording the first day of recordings of the novel “Nobody’s Woman”. Do you plan to lose it?


Although for many it has been little media news, it is worth remembering the time Livia Brito attacked the team of journalists from “Ventaneando” live and direct.

Did you see it? Surely you will be surprised by this little-known facet of the histrionics.

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