Living with a disability in the city of Santa Fe: the experience of Patricia Morello

The city of Santa Fe is not equally enjoyable for everyone. Neither are their services. The experience of Patricia Morello it is one of the many examples of people with disabilities who suffer on a daily basis.

“I’m struggling. I came out of a ten-day hospitalization, it got complicated for me, I have many complicated organs. Now they started treating me at Cemafe and the issue is that going there is an odyssey …”, he commented on air on Cadena OH!

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Morello is suffering from heart problems and must study and travel at least twice a week. “They don’t centralize me, that’s another issue too. You need everything to be done in the same day, that you are admitted and that you leave with an evaluation. I spend 700 pesos a day that I have to go “.

The interviewee suffer from one of the types of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It is a group of diseases that take the connective tissue, which supports the skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and other organs. Signs and symptoms depend on the type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and range from joints that are a bit loose to very serious problems.

But in addition to her suffering and the administrative problems of Cemafe, Patricia also suffers from the insensitivity of the carriers. He has already made numerous complaints to the Radio Taxi Society because they do not want to transfer it. Each time she leaves, she must wait 30 to 40 minutes until she can be transferred.

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“The first time I moved, Cemafe paid for it, with bonds. And when taxis are with bonds, they don’t want to get on you,” he said.

Yesterday she experienced an extreme situation with a taxi driver who mistreated her. It was very hot and she was unbalanced. And then I ask him if he’s free and I sat down. I told him how difficult it is to get a taxi and he told me that if I made the claim he could not take me. The man yelled at me, brought me down, I replied that I suffer from a disability. But he told me that he did not care about that and that he was a trade unionist and to go find him at the Radio Taxi Society if he wanted. After I got into a remis, another taxi did not appear. I called but had no answers. “

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