LMM Measures for Health are “heartbreaking”. Temido’s “campaign to exit” has begun

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Luís Marques Mendes

Although he attributes most of the responsibility for the crisis in hospitals to Prime Minister António Costa, commentator Luís Marques Mendes said on Sunday that this week “started in force” the campaign for the departure of the Minister of Health, Marta Temido.

“The campaign for the dismissal of the Minister of Health has started with strength. Inside PS, which is a novelty. And outside, as is most natural,” she said, in her usual comment on the SICnoting that the structural measures planned by the Government for the situation in Health are a “handful of nothing”a “disheartening” response.

In his opinion, if Temido “does not remodel, it ends up being remodeled”, the same could happen with former socialist ministers Correia de Campos and Adalberto Campos Fernandes, also of Health. “The minister is just the weakest link.”

The absolute majority in the Government does not change anything, since “the criterion of contestation and polls is always decisive in an area such as Health”, he said, criticizing Costa: “Anyone who has experience of Councils of Ministers knows very well that the reformist spirit” does not begin with the ministers“but in the prime minister”.

Marques Mendes said that Temido seems to have been “caught off guard”, but the problems were already known. “Why didn’t you act on time? It is heartbreaking”, he considered, indicating that he did not see any answers from the Government for “the lack of organization, management and fair remuneration of its professionals”.

“For ideological reasons, the government did not want to have private management [nos hospitais públicos]. But the biggest mistake was not even ending these PPPs that were, according to independent entities such as the Court of Auditors, beneficial to the State and to users. The biggest mistake was not having transported the good examples and good practices, which generated these good results, into public management”, he said.

According to data collected by the commentator, in 2011 there were 2 million private health insurances, in 2016 they grew to 2.35 million and, in 2021, to 3.30 million. In 10 years, a growth of 64%.

“There will be no referendum”

As for decentralization, he pointed out the Government’s announcement to extinguish 30 State services by 2023, lacking, in his opinion, an explanation about the savings of this change to the State or what the fate of the employees of the extinct organizations will be, suspecting that this has some relation with the “future regionalization of the country”.

Despite the PS having promised, in the electoral program, to go ahead with the referendum in this legislature, in 2024, the commentator believes that “there will be no referendum”.

“Whoever does not understand the easiest (decentralization) will hardly understand the most complex (regionalization)” and a referendum in a time of economic and social crisis “it is not guaranteed, it is a defeat for the Government”pointed.

Coast on the “side of the powerful”

On Ukraine’s rapprochement with the European Union (EU), he considered the European Commission’s assent to candidate status as a “smart, sensible and necessary” sign and a “firm demonstration of solidarity” with the country.

“The EU expresses solidarity with Ukraine, shows firmness towards Russia, shows that he realized that on February 24 everything changed. It changed the world, it changed Europe and it changed the geopolitical nature of the EU. Putin “forced” Europe to be the protective shield of eastern countries,” he pointed out.

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Prime Minister António Costa

Prime Minister António Costa

On the other hand, he criticized Costa, who “was on the side of the powerful, France and Germany. They had great reservations and ended up giving in so as not to displease their constituents. The Government’s position was not brilliant”. For Marques Mendes, this position is due to an ambition for a future European position.

“I would have preferred that Portugal had been on Ukraine’s side from the start. For reasons of consistency: even when in the past we needed European solidarity, Europe was with us. And for a reason of principle: what is at stake in Ukraine are the European values ​​of freedom, peace and self-determination of peoples”, he stressed.

Le Pen was “the star of the night”

Regarding the elections in France for the National Assembly, he highlighted the victories of the far-right candidates of Jean Luc Mélenchon, leader of the left-wing coalition (NUPES – New Union Popular de Esquerda e Socialista).

Already “Macron got a serious yellow card. It has a victory that tastes like defeat. It loses the absolute majority by a significant margin. You will be forced to negotiate with the Republicans. It is politically fragile. Basically, the electorate wanted to say: you are President but you have to change policies”, analyzed Marques Mendes.

Marine Le Pen was “the star of the night”, he praised, explaining: “Politically, she was the one who gained the most from these elections. With an electoral system that is deeply adverse to her, she achieves a great result in votes and mandates”.

The time for “cheap money is running out”

The rise in interest rates “is a problem”, he said, especially in mortgage loans. “With the rise in Euribor, installments payable to banks are already increasing. They may not yet have been reflected in monthly payments. But they will get there in a few weeks,” he said.

For Marques Mendes, “the time of cheap money is running out”. “According to experts, the Euribor could reach 2% as early as 2023. Soon, the benefits will go up even more. It is no reason to despair. But it is a reason to be more prudent in the management of the family budget”, she stressed.

Even so, he concluded, the banks “do not believe” in a “wave of defaults on housing credit contracts. This did not happen in the ‘troika’ crisis, although the situation was more serious then than it is now. Despite everything, there is a difference that can be essential: unemployment is now at historically low numbers”.

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