Local elections: suspension of the circulation of several vehicles

The local elections are finally here. The electoral campaign has ended, and electoral silence has been established. In order to carry out this electoral meeting, the authorities have decided to take several measures to ensure that the ballot passes without the slightest incident.

Next Saturday, more than 20 million Algerians are invited to elect their direct representatives to the APCs and APWs.

The Interior Ministry, in a statement released today, November 25, 2021, said several measures have been taken regarding the smooth running of the next local elections scheduled for November 27.

Measures that go from November 26 to 28

In anticipation of elections meetings which will be held on November 27, the Ministry of the Interior, and at its head Minister Kamel Beldjoud, has decided to close all weekly markets from November 26 to 28.

In addition to this measure, the department of Beldjoud has also decided to suspend the circulation of vehicles and equipment transporting goods (sand, wood, gravel, etc.).

The same ministry also announced, via the same press release, that the circulation of vehicles transporting construction materials is now prohibited during the same period (from 26 to 28 November).

Finally, the Ministry of the Interior has also decided to suspend the circulation of trucks carrying fuel tanks.

The freight trains will also be at a standstill, from November 26 to 28, as well as all the sporting and cultural events planned for these 3 days.

It should be noted that the pupils benefited today from a day of rest in order to prepare the polling stations in the municipalities concerned throughout the national territory.

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