Local elections: when the RND denounces “overruns”

The next local elections are fast approaching. Political parties are more than ever present on the media scene. After having criticized the provisions contained in the electoral law, now they are concerned with another problem.

Indeed, some political parties express reservations with regard to the study of candidate files. This is the National Democratic Rally whose leader has addressed a complaint to the Independent National Election Authority. According to Soir d’Algérie, Tayeb Zitouni deplores “the numerous violations recorded during the study period”.

Knowing that Mohamed Charfi had announced new procedures allowing “representatives of the lists of candidates to complete or remedy any lack of documents constituting the candidacy files, the RND does not seem to appreciate the decision.

The RND and El Bina unhappy

The National Democratic Rally has been hostile to certain practices adopted by certain representatives of political parties. The latter took advantage of recent ANIE procedures in order to “modify the list of candidates to replace one candidate by another outside the legal deadlines, which expired last Thursday at midnight”, reports the French-speaking daily.

As a result, Tayeb Zitouni’s party reacts by citing as an argument the law which stipulates the prohibition of “depositing or modifying the lists of candidates after the expiry date of the legal deadlines”.

For Abdelkader Bengrina, another problem torments him. This is the famous CD intended to fill in the electoral forms and which caused the El Bina Movement to lose 100 municipalities due to a “virus”. The leader of the Islamist party called the method ineffective, requiring an enormous amount of time to include the hundreds of forms.

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