LockerGoga ransomware victims can now recover their data for free

The cybersecurity company Bitdefender offers a free decryption program for the ransomware that raged in 2019 and which targeted, among others, the French company Altran Technologies.

Ransomware victims often face the loss of their data, which has been encrypted by the malware and can no longer be recovered. But those who suffered the LockerGoga attack received good news: they can decrypt their data thanks to a tool developed by the cybersecurity company Bitdefender and the No More Ransom initiative.

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The free tool does not require advanced computer knowledge and can browse the entire computer files or a specific folder. It is available on the Bitdefender website, along with a manual.

The LockerGoga ransomware started in 2019, and mainly attacked industrial companies, such as Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro. This one was forced to stop production for a week, with a loss of 50 million dollars. LockerGoga also targeted the French company Altran Technologies, as well as the American companies Hexion and Momentive.

In October 2021, a dozen people were arrested in Ukraine and Switzerland. These hackers are suspected of having launched ransomware attacks and killed more than 1,800 people in 71 countries. They used three types of programs: Dharma, MegaCortex and LockerGoga. The arrest gave law enforcement access to master private keys that are used in the process of decrypting files with the extension .locked.

So it took three years to wait for a decryption tool. Only companies that have shown patience by refusing to pay the ransom and waiting for a possible solution will be able to benefit from it.

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