Logitech announces direct drive steering wheel + Pro pedals

Rumors began to circulate over a year ago that the gaming giant Logitech had developed a direct drive wheel plus new pro pedals to be able to compete with Fanatec in particular, and it turned out to be true today during 2022 Logitech Play announced the wheel bases Logitech Pro Wheel and Pro Pedals. The steering wheel base is driven by a direct drive motor just like the best steering wheels in the swimming racing world and it is 11 newton meters strong and according to some sources should have the lowest latency on the market when it is released in about a week. The steering wheel base including pretzel will cost 12,000 kroner here in Sweden, while the pedals will cost 4,200 kroner. No cheap gadgets directly and of course direct competitors to mainly Fanatec DD1 and their V3 pedals.

In addition to low latency and 11nm in torque, the Logitech Pro Wheel will offer RPM diodes that are apparently fully programmable, a pretzel with magnetic paddles + clutches and a small display so that you as a player can make changes to the settings without leaving the game. The Pro pedals include loadcell brakes and Hall sensors, of course, which is the industry standard today among the more serious pedals on the market. The pedals can be moved horizontally unlike other more ill-conceived models on the market and the brake and throttle measure the pressure of your foot rather than the distance, which is also preferable. We will of course be fitting the Pro Wheel and Pro Pedals into our Racing Rig here at Gamereactor for a thorough test in the coming weeks.

Excerpted from the official press release:
Logitech G today introduces the PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedal, an all-new set of professional-quality sim racing products designed with and for professional sim racing drivers. PRO Racing Wheel is developed to offer drivers as realistic and captivating an experience as possible. With a new, high-performance Direct Drive motor in combination with TRUEFORCE
feedback technology, the PRO Racing Wheel delivers the most accurate racing experience to the driver.

Lando Norris, F1 Racer for McLaren:
“Logitech’s PRO Racing Wheel makes the sim racing experience incredibly realistic. I
can feel the conditions of the track and how the car changes during the race, which is
a game-changer. When I use the steering wheel at home it almost feels like
I’m in place on the track.”

Richard Neville, Logitech Gaming:
“Fans of our sim racing wheels and pedals can expect a proper one
upgrading realism, performance and control, as well as design and
sustainability. We analyzed everything – from how many shifts, turns and bumps a
wheels of 11 newton meters take, to which materials and components will
hold even under the most demanding racing conditions.”

It costs SEK 15,200 if you want to drive Logitech’s direct drive challenger later this September.
Logitech announces direct drive steering wheel + Pro pedals
The steering wheel base looks a bit plasticky/cheap if we’re being honest, especially given that it costs SEK 12,000, but this could very well just be the fault of the pictures. We’ll see when the review copy arrives here with us.
Logitech announces direct drive steering wheel + Pro pedals
Logitech was the market leader with the G25 and G27 sim racing wheels, a position they now of course hope to take back.
Logitech announces direct drive steering wheel + Pro pedals
It will apparently be in stores before the end of September. Quick jerks!

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