Lollipop Trujillo ignores criticism for hot video: “In Peru, society is horrified”

LOllipop BREAKS HIS SILENCE. After surprising locals and strangers with his appearance in an adult film, Lollipop Trujillo spoke about this incursion, in an interview for Banda del Chino. “In Peru, society is very closed and horrified”He stated in his defense.

Edgar Mendoza, real name of Trujillo Lollipop, He stated that he decided to accept the proposal to appear on this recording, because ‘he who does not take risks, does not win’.

He added that it was not difficult for him to record this video at all and that even the cameramen were surprised, because his scenes were performed without complications. “My work has been more to look than to act”, he added.

On the possibility that this appearance affects his career as an entertainer at children’s parties, lollipop He stated that in recent years he has focused on parties for adults.


Lollipop Trujillo made news again on social networks for venturing into the film industry for the elderly. The remembered clown who was the victim of harassment by the Beba Army this time surprised his followers with an appearance in a movie for adults.

This time Trujillo Lollipop He appeared in a video of the company Inkaporn, and some scenes of this production quickly went viral on social networks.


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