London sees signs of Russian troops moving south

Russia has allegedly identified the front in southern Ukraine as a weak point and is planning to move troops there from the east.

Russia has allegedly identified the front in southern Ukraine as a weak point and is planning to move troops there from the east. Image: Ukrainian Presidential Press Off / –

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For more than five months, the Ukraine against the Russian war of aggression. Thousands of Ukrainian civilians have already died in this war life came, millions of livelihoods were destroyed. Finally agreed Russia and Ukraine at least on a grain deal. On Monday morning, the first ship loaded with grain left the Ukrainian port of Odessa for Lebanon, a Turkish broadcaster reports.

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August 1st

11:38 a.m.: London sees signs of Russian troops moving south

Also Great Britain sees signs of a redeployment of Russian troops from eastern to southern Ukraine. Russia apparently has die front identified in the southern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia as a weak point where reinforcements are needed, the Ministry of Defense said in London on Monday, citing intelligence information. Previously, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj had reported in his video address on Monday night that Russian troops were being moved south.

Shortly after the war began, Russia occupied large areas in southern Ukraine. Recently, however, Ukrainian troops had started counteroffensives there and put the Russian armed forces under pressure, also thanks to the artillery supplied by the West.

“Russia is likely to adjust the operational design of its Donbass offensive after failing to make a decisive operational breakthrough under the plan pursued since April,” it said. Russia is likely to redeploy a significant number of its armed forces from the northern Donbass sector to southern Ukraine.

In the east, the Russian offensive continues to falter, the ministry said. “Over the past four days, Russia has attempted further tactical attacks on the Bakhmut Axis northeast of Donetsk and has made slow progress,” the statement said.

8.35 a.m .: The first ship with grain has left Ukraine, according to Turkey

For the first time since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, a ship with grain has left the port of Odessa. The cargo ship “Razoni” loaded with corn left for Lebanon on Monday morning, reported the broadcaster CNN Türk citing the Turkish Defense Ministry. The grain delivery will take place within the framework of the agreement concluded on July 22nd, further exports are to follow, it was said.

The war opponents Ukraine and Russia, mediated by the UN and Turkey, had signed an agreement to allow grain exports from Ukraine from three ports. According to Ukrainian sources, more than 20 million tons of grain from last year’s harvest are still waiting to be exported. Port operations were suspended for security reasons after the Russian invasion at the end of February. Ukraine accused Russia of blocking the grain. The UN increasingly fears hunger crises in the world due to the lack of grain deliveries.

5.15 a.m .: According to Ukraine, Mykolaiv was under “massive” fire

The Russian army shelled the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv over the weekend. The city was “massively” and “probably stronger than ever” shelled on Sunday morning, said Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych in the online service Telegram. Among the dead in Mykolaiv is a well-known Ukrainian grain trader. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged residents of the eastern Donetsk region to flee their homes due to the Russian attacks.

According to Ukrainian sources, a number of residential buildings were damaged in the regional capital of Mykolaiv and several fires broke out. Two died in a hospital people her injuries after an attack on a bus stop on Friday. The death toll from this attack rose to seven.

July 31st

3:03 p.m .: Putin announces new military doctrine for the Navy

Vladimir Putin has enacted a new military doctrine for the country’s naval forces. Russia’s sea borders, including those in the Arctic and the Black Sea, were also defined there. Especially the United States and NATO are cited as threats to Russia’s security. The new doctrine stated that the US quest for dominance of the world’s oceans was a “challenge to Russia’s national security,” according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

The aim is to prevent the USA from being able to restrict Russia’s access to mineral resources on the seabed – or to shipping routes. In the Arctic, Russia claims, among other things, the gas suspected there, but also other resources. Also, it is emphasized that Russia is on the high seas force can apply when all attempts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic channels have been exhausted. One does not see civilian warships apart.

The relocation of the military infrastructure of the NATO states to the Russian borders and territorial claims affecting the sea regions and islands of the giant empire were also named as dangers. Japan for example, calls for the return of the southern Kuril archipelago in the Pacific.

The aim is to expand naval bases outside Russia’s borders and to build modern aircraft carriers and the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, the new hypersonic sea missile “Zirkon” should soon be put into service. The hypersonic weapons have a multiple of the speed of sound of around 343 meters per second.

7:21 a.m .: Zelenskyj calls on residents to leave the Donetsk region

In view of the Russian advance in the Donbass, the Ukrainian government is warning that the area should be evacuated. More than 50,000 children should be brought to safety. “Please evacuate,” he said in a video speech on Saturday night. “At this stage of the war, the terror one of the main weapons of Russia.” “Believe me,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a pleading tone. “The more people leave Donetsk region, the fewer people the Russian army can kill.”

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk had previously announced the forced evacuation of the entire population of the Donetsk region. People have to get to safety before the heating season because the gas networks have been destroyed, Vereshchuk said on Ukrainian television. However, there are still thousands of civilians, including children, in the heavily contested areaZelenskyy said.

Zelenskyj now emphasized that everything is being organized for people to flee from the areas of the region still controlled by Ukraine.

Zelenskyy once again described Russia as a “terrorist state” and called on the international community to isolate the country. If Russia were classified as a “terror state” by the US, all partners would cut ties with the country.

30th July

11:37 a.m .: Hermann criticizes missed opportunities for peace with Russia

Against the background of the war in Ukraine, the Baden-Württemberg Transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Greens) warned against taking a one-sided view of the role of Russia and the West. “The military conflicts and participation in wars of the past 30 years do not justify the image that only Russia, ‘belligerent’ and ‘evil’, repeatedly enforced its interests with military force,” writes Hermann in a thesis paper on the war that is available to the German Press Agency . Above all, the US interventions have brought a lot of destruction instead of peace and democracy, he explains.

Since the end of the Soviet Union, Russia has waged brutal wars that violate international law with proven war crimes in the supposed Russian zones of interest, such as Chechnya, Georgia, Syria led, Hermann continued. the USA – supported by individual NATO countries such as France, Great Britain and Germany – but “with concentrated military force and partly also contrary to international law intervened twice in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc. in the same period.”

At the same time, Hermann criticized “missed opportunities for peace” since the end of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The opportunity for a new “security architecture with arms control and disarmament, which also takes into account the interests of the former Soviet states and Russia” was wasted in favor of NATO’s eastward expansion.

He also questioned whether western arms shipments would really end the war or prolong the violent conflict. “In the end, the peace treaty must also be concluded with the war opponent Russia, regardless of what war crimes it has committed,” he emphasized. “That is the bitter, inescapable truth.”

08:04: Zelenskyj accuses Russia of premeditated war crimes

After the momentous attack on a prison in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj accused Russia of having committed a war crime with it. “Today I received information about the occupiers’ attack on Olenivka in the Donetsk region,” Zelenskyy said in his daily speech on Friday. “That is a premeditated Russian war crime, a premeditated mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war.” The Ukrainian President called the number of “more than 50 dead”.

Russia, in turn, blamed Ukraine after the attack. The Russian Defense Ministry said a US-supplied Himars missile launcher was used. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, on the other hand, said the Russian army had bombed the detention center.

According to Russian sources, Ukrainian prisoners of war, including members of the Azov regiment, were being held in Olenivka in the region controlled by pro-Russian separatists. There were different reports about the number of victims. The leader of the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, Denis Puschilin, spoke of 47 dead.

6:40 a.m.: US Secretary of State speaks to Lavrov for the first time since the beginning of the war

After Blinken and Lavrov spoke to each other for the first time since the beginning of the war, further details of the conversation have now become known.

In addition to Blinken’s offer to release Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, US Secretary of State Lavrov is said to have made it clear that the US does not accept Russian plans to annex more territory from Ukraine would. If Russia were to go ahead with its plans, the country would face “considerable costs.”

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