Long faces, self-criticism and a strong message behind the scenes of the leaders in Argentina

The Argentine national team disappointed and had a disapproving debut at the Qatar 2022 World Cup with an opaque Lionel Messi who led the unknown individual performances of Lionel Scaloni’s team. The captain scored the game-winning goal 10 minutes into the first half after a categorical penalty, but in the second half he fell with the rest of the team after a flurry of goals from Saudi Arabia.

The Asian team led by Hervé Renard had very high points in goalkeeper Al Owais, defender Hassan Hassan Altambakti and the number 10 and scorer of the second goal, Salem Al Dawsari.

A while after the historic defeat, confusion, long faces, and internal self-criticism reigned in the mixed zone of the imposing Lusail stadium. The great challenge was to find explanations for such a surprising and deserved result.

The first to stop in front of the written media was Emiliano Martínez. And true to the personality that he shows under the three sticks, he was not afraid to criticize himself: “We expected to play like a final and we didn’t. When we scored the first goal we relaxed a bit”.

While Dibu was speaking, Ángel Di María took advantage of passing quickly behind. “If we want to become world champions, it’s good that the setback was today,” said the Aston Villa goalkeeper optimistically.

The journalists present kept their places. Of course, he needed to pass. Suddenly, a loud murmur was heard from the other side of the advertising banners. Lionel Messi had to pass through the extensive “viper” that separates the dressing room from the micro.

Until finally the captain came and stopped. The captain did not escape the analysis of the failures of Lionel Scaloni’s team either: “The goal so early made us confuse”, “We made the mistake of speeding up”, “With the 2-1 we got messed up, we lost the function and we played desperately”.

The description of the wardrobe impacts: “Dead, a very hard blow. We didn’t expect to start this way.” Quickly, the leader of the group was optimistic: “That people trust because this group is not going to leave them stranded”.

Facing the match with Mexico, it will remain to be resolved if Scaloni bets again on the scheme that reached Qatar with 36 unbeaten games or if, finally, he decides on the line of five that he tried to test during the last friendlies on the tour of the United States and in the second half against the United Arab Emirates.

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