Long Night of the Museums: Veronika Schubert / 20 years of the Feldkirch Poetry Prize 2022

Saturday, October 1, 2022, 6 p.m., Theater am Saumarkt: Veronika Schubert / 20 years of the Feldkirch Poetry Prize 2022

The filmmaker and visual artist Veronika Schubert works consistently with the material language. “Whether scratched into glass, drawn by hand or in the form of knitted and digitally photographed individual images, Veronika Schubert encourages the recipient to power of language, to see through their symbolic power and their poetic costuming. To do this, she juggles with individual terms, rearranges sentence structures and lets snippets of conversation tumble across the screen in reversed contexts. One thing the artist obviously doesn’t have in mind: to make the world unambiguous,” write the curators on the occasion of their 2018 exhibition at Bildraum Bodensee in Bregenz.

For the anniversary of the Feldkirch Poetry Prize, Veronika Schubert is developing a very special art project from, which will be shown as part of the “feldkircher lyrikpreis festival 2022” in the Saumarkt foyer:
The artist chooses 20 award-winning poems take a striking sentence and collage it on a poster. This is how 20 posters are created which are distributed over the Saumarkt walls. In addition, postcard stands offer for the interested festival audience Poems to take away. A somewhat different encounter with poetry that allows you to immerse yourself in this extraordinary and multifaceted art of language.

Veronika Schubert, born in Bregenz in 1981, graduated from the University of Arts in Linz in Upper Austria and has since worked in the field of fine arts as well as animator and short filmmaker.
1999 – 2005: University of Artistic and Industrial Design Linz, (experimental design);
2003/04: Zurich University of the Arts: Institute for New Media; Lectureships at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Textile Art, Animation 2009 – 2015) and Higher Graphic Federal Teaching and Research Institute, Vienna (2016 – 2017).
Lives and works in Vienna.

Opening: Saturday October 1st. 2022, 6 p.m., ORF Long Night of Museums
Duration: Until Monday, January 7, 2023, viewing during the events

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