Long weekend in the City of Buenos Aires: great statistics of Santa Fe tourists

During the long weekend of June, record ticket sales were recorded at the Touristic bus since the start of the pandemic with more than 4,700 acquired. This scenario reflected 1 out of every 3 tickets sold to Argentine tourists were for residents of the province of Santa Fe. In turn, growth was detected in sales to international tourists, whose presence rose from 27% at Easter against 45% during the past weekend.

“We celebrate the relationship of reciprocity and exchange of experiences that we are developing with the City of Buenos Aires. This long weekend we also detected a large influx of porteños in the activities carried out in our city and we believe that it is the result of this great joint work that we have been carrying out between the districts,” said Franco Arone, President of the Tourism Entity of the city of Santa Fe (Safetur).

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Santa Fe represents the 4th issuing destination of national tourists to Buenos Aires and 3rd in the MICE Tourism Ranking. It should also be noted that the Santa Fe tourist generates 7% more income than the average tourist in the City in relation to the expenses incurred. In addition, currently 75% of Santa Fe tourists identify Buenos Aires as a recreational destination to enjoy with family and friends, while only 25% usually visit the City for business.

The growing number of tourists from Santa Fe who choose the City of Buenos Aires as a tourist destination It is the result of the work of cultural, tourist and sports promotion that it carries out among the destinations. In the year 2021, within the framework of the Management Transfer actions carried out with authorities of the Municipality of the City of Santa Fé, an agenda of meetings was generated in terms of cultural, tourist and sports promotion in a cross way. In addition, as part of the tour of the Central Region, Buenos Aires carried out the BA+Cerca program with the tourist promotion truck and visited the city of Santa Fe.

On the other hand, at the beginning of 2022, CABA settled in Santa Fe with the activation of BA Playa. Likewise, this city participated in the 1st Meeting of Tourist Destinations with a proposal of snacks and Santa Fe beer. Finally, in May of this year, on the occasion of the night of tourism, a joint work commitment agreement was signed to promote and publicize the tourist attractions of the participating destinations and formulate a work plan for the implementation and execution of the next nights.

Long weekend in Buenos Aires

As a fundamental engine of the City’s economy, tourism shows clear signs of recovery after the pandemic. During the long weekend of more than 81 thousand national and international tourists between June 17 and 20. Likewise, the Buenos Aires government estimates that total spending will reach $3.3 billion, while hotel occupancy will rise to 76%.

“We know that tourism is a fundamental piece for economic recovery after the pandemic, that is why we strive to create a dialogue and work table with the actors in the sector. Generating new projects together with other provinces in the country allows us to promote our respective destinations and continue planning the development of the activity,” said Lucas Delfino, President of the Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires.

For last weekend, the proposal “Alternative Buenos Aires” invited to discover the hidden side of the City through a thematic itinerary through its emerging circuit and opened the possibility of living various experiences that transcend traditional tourist circuits. The itinerary was articulated around hidden bars and independent cultural centers and represented an opportunity to enjoy festivals, plays, art shows and film cycles.

At the same time, Buenos Aires has a great variety of cultural, tourist and gastronomic offer; It has more than 7,000 bars and restaurants, 287 theaters, 380 bookstores, 150 museums and is the capital of tango. In turn, through the Tourism in Neighborhoods program, options are provided to visit different neighborhoods of the City, through the guide of an online map and a downloadable offline one where the information of the places is detailed, such as green spaces, architecture and proposals. gastronomic

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