Look at the foolish anniversary year

The Fasnazunft Buch started the new jester season in a befitting manner.

The Fasnazunft Buch started the new jester season in a befitting manner.
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A book. Fasnazunft set the course after the pandemic break.

For the carnival guild founded in 2003, this year’s wake-up call for the foolish holiday on November 11th was more than just an obligatory meeting. Due to Corona, the start of the new season became the first major meeting in the “Zunfthäs” in over two years. During this time, club operations were on the back burner. Small gestures and campaigns provided a touch of Fasnat, while the guild was at least physically active in the relay race as part of the Buch village run. “Now it’s all about getting started again,” brought Zunftmeister Jurgen Winder at the annual general meeting on 11.11. to the point. The small guild community is preparing for the anniversary year. The members present voted unanimously for a big foolish event on February 12, 2023 with dismissal, relocation and show program.

The elections were also unanimous. Guild Master Winder, Treasurer Tobias Leitnersecretary Michel Stocklasa and the advisory boards Florian Steuerer and Bernd Winder were confirmed in their functions. With Isabella Muxel there is a new Vice Master of the Guild while Jan Meisinger promoted to member status. With a view to restarting after the restrictions, mayors brought Franz MartinVice President Christopher Huber and Neo-Fasnatrat Chairman Stephen Ellensohn (Landesverband) expressed their joy at the upcoming 20th anniversary of the “Buchar Lumpa” before the “hearty cheese spaetzle party” was due in the Moststüble. (MST)

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