Look beautiful: "Everyone’s concern is to protect Santa Fe families"

Governor Omar Perotti led this Monday a new meeting with national legislators from Santa Fe, from all political forces, to promote the creation of federal courts and prosecutors in the province.

The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Government, Justice and Human Rights, Celia Arena; Public Management, Marcos Corach, and Security, Jorge Lagna; in addition to the secretaries of Justice, Gabriel Somaglia, and of Public Security, Claudio Brilloni; the mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin; and the president of the Municipal Council of Santa Fe, Leandro González.

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The deputies and deputies, Enrique Estévez, Mónica Fein, Dionisio Scarpin, José Núñez, Juan Martín, Ximena García, Gabriel Chumpitáz, Germana Figueroa Casas, Marcos Cleri, Victoria Tejeda, Roberto Mirabella, Germán Martínez, Alejandra Obeid , Eduardo Toniolli, Magalí Mastaler, and Senator Marcelo Lewandowski.

On the air of Cadena OH, Mirabella commented that “first of all, the issue that brought us together has to do with strengthening federal justicein the perspective of the implementation of the accusatory system and the new criminal procedure code in the province of Santa Fe”.

“It is key not to make partisan political differences and have a common project on this issue”

“We are reaching the unification of a text among the legislators of Santa Fe so that we can present it jointly. It is key not to make political partisan differences and to have a common project on this issue,” said the legislator.

On the project that Senator Marcelo Lewandowski presented in this regard, he said: “I think he has the best intentions, It is not to put spokes in the wheel. Beyond that, the important thing is that we are working and moving forward together.”

“Everyone’s concern is the same, to protect the families of Santa Fe. We are going to make good progress, now we have a meeting in Congress to see if next week we can present this project. The president is informed of this issue, we want to be together, without distinction,” he added.

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