Looking for Ana Claudia Talancón to be a mother with adoption!

CDMX.- To become a mother next year, Ana Claudia Talancón is in the process of adoption, as she hopes to give love to a baby… or more.

The actress admits that her desire to become a mother was satisfied for years through characters, but she considers that the right time has come for her to form her own family.

“I didn’t postpone it, I’ve been looking for it since before, but it hadn’t happened. I believe that life’s times are perfect, it hasn’t happened for a reason and maybe it was just because all this awaits me. What inspires me? love, I see that in this world there are so many children without parents, abandoned or whose parents cannot take care of them at that time.

“I think there are already many of us in this world and it is great to be able to help each other, become aware and help us as a human race in that sense and teach a little boy to love, to live life and to be another type of person,” shared the protagonist of films like Tear My Life Away and El Crimen del Padre Amaro.

Talancón’s priority has been her career and she emphasizes that she feels fulfilled professionally, but that, by becoming a mother, she will not stop acting, so her baby will travel with her.

“Definitely, he is going to be a traveling baby, I will take him with me everywhere, I don’t want to have a baby to order. As soon as I can choose I will ask him, there will be total communication where I would like to ask him: ‘would you like to be more stable, would you Would you like to continue accompanying me?’.

“I think that always the truth above all, never hide anything from him and be able to speak with the truth and value it. Babies are full of light,” he said.

The 42-year-old actress does not despair at the time the procedures take, since she considers it important to investigate in whose hands they leave the safety of a child.

Talancón wants it to be a Mexican infant, but she would even be willing to adopt more than one.

“The truth is that I am not closed to what if they are twins or friends, I would not like to separate them if they were brothers,” he stressed.

She said she felt comfortable sharing her plans for motherhood to help make adoption a more common topic, but she preferred not to confirm or deny the alleged breakup with her partner, Alejandro Lopart, to whom she was engaged.

“You can open the doors of your personal life and then you can’t close them anymore. You start to open this path when you have something you want to talk about, that you want to normalize, call it anxiety, depression problems, things like that that people want to know that you are the same as everyone else. Or call it wanting to adopt a baby.

“On this side, I feel calm to talk about it, but not as to whether my partner, the ring, if I already thundered, if I already have a girlfriend, boyfriend or not. I do not confirm anything or deny anything, “he sentenced.

The actress has been very active in recent months, in which she has participated in three series and four films, including the film Soy Tu Fan and Confesiones, by Carlos Carrera, whose cast yesterday gave the clapperboard at the end of filming.

In the case of the last film, the star of Matando Cabos was directly invited by Carrera 20 years after they both made El Crimen del Padre Amaro.

Carrera and his cast did not want to give details of the plot, of which they only mentioned that it is a thriller.

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