Looking for Palace Train Crash with IP?

48 years ago there was no such violent confrontation between the President of the Republic and business groups as the one apparently wanted by the National Palace for the misnamed electricity reform.

However, not even then, when President Echeverría confronted the Monterrey businessmen, did he insult them as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has insulted business groups.

Urban legends aside, there were no policies to damage their finances, so it is pertinent to ask if, due to electoral profitability, Palacio will turn what is today a collision into an unproductive and disastrous train crash.

They will have to compensate Claudia Sheinbaum

In 1985, the earthquake forced to overthrow the Secretary of Commerce, almost all the businesses whose clients were Secom employees went bankrupt. It took years for the area to recover and years for CDMX finances to replace the income that that commercial ecosystem produced.

One supposes that the masterminds that manage the change of headquarters of the seven dependencies that, says El Economista, are advancing to emigrate from CDMX have already taken into account the vacuum left and evaluated the damage to the capital’s finances.

If they did not calculate these collateral damages, at least the CDMX Ministry of Finance would have to do the math and demand that the Government of the Republic somehow replace the income that will undoubtedly go down the drain. Will they dare to demand?

For the Alliance, again insomnia

Here it was said that the formation of the Opposition Alliance altered the electoral plans of the Government of the Republic, so much so that the first bombards left the National Palace as soon as it was integrated.

With sagacious maneuvers and provocations in August they began to cause fissures among the alliance members, enough so that the leaders of the PAN, PRI and PRD not only began to see themselves with mistrust.

The meeting yesterday, in which they seem to be back on track, and the support of two businessmen identified as opponents of Q4, provoked angry vituperations in the morning, a sign that, despite everything, the Alliance worries. And not a little.

Swirling notes

In the coming weeks we will begin to see the non-explicit results of the Security Understanding Agreement between Mexico and the United States on the migration issue but, above all, on security, say diplomatic sources … The version of the head of Energía Rocío Nahle de that a small group caused the zipizape in Dos Bocas begins to sound like bulletins from half a century ago … The last straw. The prosecutor for the case of the Ayotzinapa normalistas is now prosecuting two forensic experts, proof that the truth does not give a damn … Four billion pesos of losses cause the SCT to seize booths, informed the head Jorge Arganis , who assured the Senate that the perpetrators are organized crime. Geez, all the more reason for the National Guard to evict them … A very wise phrase by Bernard Bailey: “when they find the center of the universe, many people will be disappointed to discover that they are not the center” …

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