Loop left: Cathy Hummels reveals her relationship status by wearing a dirndl at Oktoberfest

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Cathy Hummels and Mats: are they together or apart? Again and again there are allusions to the relationship status, but no statement. With her bow on the dirndl, Hummels now made it clear that she was single.

Munich – “Things where I just think, that’s private, you’ll never get a statement from me,” said Cathy Hummels (34) on the RTL program “Gala” on June 18. In doing so, she made it clear that no public relationship statement should be expected from her, while everyone is speculating whether she and Mats Hummels (33) are separated or together.

Cathy Hummels and Mats – No clear statement

Mats Hummels met Catherine Fischer in 2007 when he was a footballer at FC Bayern Munich. Cathy had previously been chosen as Miss FC Bayern. They married in 2015, together they have a son Ludwig (4), who still lives with his mother in Munich, while Mats is now based in Dortmund, where he plays for Borussia Dortmund.

Cathy Hummels shows herself at the Wiesn with the bow on the left side of her dirndl. According to tradition, this also provides information about the relationship status. © Screenshots by Cathy Hummels

Through pictures of Mats Hummels with other beauties, there were also rumors of separation between the spouses. There were always hints. Cathy Hummels then said to the magazine “Bunte”: “I wanted to do everything to have a happy marriage, organized everyday family life, the holidays, just everything. And then at the age of 24 I had the worst depression of my life, with panic attacks. I loved my husband very much and always wanted to take care of everything perfectly, but it didn’t go on like this”, which gives a deep insight.

Cathy Hummels ties her dirndl bow on the left – the meaning for single

Now Cathy Hummels made another statement without words through her choice of clothes. For the Munich Oktoberfest, the influencer showed up in several dirndls. Striking: the 34-year-old always tied her bow on the left side. You have to know that the position of the bow traditionally says something about the relationship status of the wearer. The left loop represents that the person is single.

The meaning of the dirndl bow

– Left side: The wearer is single

– Right side: The wearer is married or in a permanent partnership

– Back: The wearer is a waitress, widowed or a child

– Middle: The wearer is a Virgo. But it can also mean that she does not want to make any statement about her relationship status.

Of course, Cathy Hummels’ followers also notice this detail on the clothes. “Single as a Pringle,” someone comments, while the other side says conspiratorially: “And what is this loop supposed to tell us now…?” Most recently, however, her fans were less enthusiastic when Cathy Hummels posed with a cigarette. Sources used: instagram.com/cathyhummels; Colorful; RTL; dirndl.com

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