Lopez back on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez (53) is back on Instagram, after being away from the platform since Tuesday.

Not only that the American star has returned to Instagram, she also reveals that a new album is in the works.

It seems that the album has been named “This is me now” and contains 13 songs.

Possible song about the girlfriend

There are many indications that fans can expect a personal record. One of the songs has been named “Dear Ben pt. ll” and it looks like the boyfriend, Ben Affleck (50) will get a tenth of his own song on the new album.

Lopez and Affleck were first together from 2002 to 2004 and were referred to as the super couple named “Bennifer”. After 18 years apart, they reunited and are now married.

Cause a stir

It caused quite a stir when the actress removed all her posts on Instagram, where she has 227 million followers.

In addition to this, her profile pictures on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram were replaced with a black circle.

On Wednesday morning, both the profile and cover photo of the star were replaced with her name in italics on a dark background.

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