López Obrador calls on the Peruvian Congress to reconsider Castillo’s trip to Mexico

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged this Wednesday the Congress of Peru to reconsider President Pedro Castillo’s travel permit to Mexico to participate in the Pacific Alliance summit on a new date to be determined.

“That would be another option, that they grant the permit and we hold the meeting in Mexico,” said the Mexican president at a press conference together with the Chilean president. gabriel boricon an official visit to Mexico.

Along with his call to the Peruvian legislators, the Mexican leader once again criticized the decision not to authorize Castillo’s trip to Mexico, where he was to take over the presidency of the regional Alliance.

It is an act of humiliation (…) it is a lot of arrogance not to give permission to a legal, legitimately constituted president, to attend a formal meeting in another country,” he claimed.

López Obrador suspended this week the pacific alliance summitwhich was to take place this Thursday and Friday, given the impossibility of Castillo to travel to Mexico.

For his part, during the press conference Boric confirmed that next week he will receive his Peruvian counterpart in Santiago and explained that Castillo’s visit to Chili will serve to “have a conversation about the conditions to resume the Pacific Alliance.”

In his morning conference, López Obrador had already reported that he had contacted his Peruvian counterpart by telephone to express his solidarity and communicate his decision to suspend the meeting.

On Tuesday, the Mexican said that the possibility of holding a meeting in Peru in the first week of December, but without offering further details.

The Pacific alliance It is also made up of Colombia and Chile, whose presidents decided to maintain their visits to Mexico.

On the bilateral relationship, a joint statement detailed that in 2021 trade set a record of 4,212 million dollars and it was agreed that in 2023 Mexican businessmen visit Chile to increase exchanges.

Photo EE: Eric Lugo

They also agreed to “positively assess” their respective candidacies for international organizations, after Mexico criticized the election of the Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn as president of the IDB, a position for which López Obrador had proposed the left-wing economist Gerardo Esquivel.

On the other hand, the Mexican president accepted Boric’s invitation to participate in the commemorative acts of the 50th anniversary of the coup against Salvador Allende.


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