López Obrador protest: he will not go to the Summit of the Americas if all countries are not invited

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He announced that, unless all the countries of the continent are invited, he will not be present at the XI Summit of the Americas. This conference will be hosted by the United States and will take place in June in California.

“If they are excluded, if not everyone is invited, a representation of the Government of Mexico will go, but I would not go, the foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, would represent me”, asserted the president of the Aztec country in his morning conference. When asked if his position was a protest, Lopez Obrador he answered affirmatively.

López Obrador, today, during his usual morning conference.

Yes, because I don’t want the same policy to continue in America.

For Lopez Obrador, no country, in this case, the United States, has the right to exclude the others. In particular, he made reference to Cuba. On Sunday, from Havana, he had promised to intercede with Washington so that the Caribbean country was included in the meeting.

Source: (The Time)

“If a country does not want to attend, well, that is their right, but how can a summit belong to the Americas without all the countries of the Americas? Where are the uninvited from? Are they from another continent, from another galaxy, from an unknown planet?ironically the Mexican head of state.

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